October 2020 Catalog Secrets – CPR Guide

Hola ACP!

Today, the new October 2020 CPR Catalog has come to a gift shop near you, with new secrets, a code and new postcards to celebrate the upcoming Halloween Party! Let’s go take a look! 

CPR has released a new code, which is THANKYOU20, make sure to redeem it for the rewards!


New catalog!


First page secrets + their rewards!

Second page secrets + their rewards!

Third page secrets + their rewards!

Their’s a new Item of the Month too!

The new update has brought a new play and catalog to the Stage! What could it be?

Let’s not forget about the new Halloween themed postcards!

Huge shoutout to Shane for helping out with the catalog secrets! I hope this guide helped you guys out! If I missed anything feel free to DM me (Daniel20448#2105) on Discord!


ACP Lieutenant General



6 Responses

  1. Wonderful job Dan! Looking forward to the Halloween party this year! ;D

  2. Thanks for this! Super helpful! 😀

  3. Nice Daniel

  4. Thx Daniel!

  5. thanks Dan!

  6. […] October 2020 Catalog Secrets – CPR Guide October 9, 2020 […]

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