[UK] Clown Takeover Results!

Salutations Soldiers!

Today our UK division logged on to CP Rewritten’s 1-bar server Mammoth for a Clown Takeover, otherwise known as the Kailey Appreciation Event! We did fantastic, peaking at 40 ACP soldiers!

Size count showing 40 penguins online.

With love,
Max, ACP Field Marshal

10 Responses

  1. I was there!

  2. can i be hcom??????????

  3. Really fun Kailey… I mean Clown event! I was there!

  4. i was there. ACP ACP ACP

  5. i was there, ACP ACP ACP

  6. And a new site too, this is gonna be a fire week!

  7. Amazing event! 💕

  8. I attended! Amazing event, let’s keep it up ACP!!


  10. I was there! This Kailey Appreciation Event was awesome!

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