[US] Troop Lead Results!

For today’s event, we decided to let our amazing troops lead the event, and I must say, every one of them did a superb job, they showed themselves that they ARE the future of ACP. I’m very proud of them. We managed to max 47, with successful tactics & formations, and as always, we had lots of fun too. 
If you attended the Troop Lead event, react in our #event-chat, or comment on this post if you came!
Max: 47

ACP Lieutenant General

7 Responses

  1. I was there! Thanks very much for giving us all a chance to try this out! – P

  2. Great event! Hope I can come to more in the future!

  3. Great event 😮

  4. Uhhh, troop lead, i didn't go but it sounds interesting

  5. I enjoyed the event

  6. That troop lead went amazing!

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