Flipmoo – ACP 3rd in Command

Greetings, everyone.

I am Flipmoo, and I have been the ACP Australia/Asia Division Commander of this army for a couple of months. I have been promoted to 3rd-in-command to furthur improve this division and to help the ACP grow in this current generation of the ACP. I cannot say that I am perfect. I cannot guarantee huge sizes. But there’s one thing I can vow to all of you.

I will revolutionise the Australia/Asia Divisions of Club Penguin warfare, and I feel honoured to be given the opportunity to do so in the Army of Club Penguin.

Let me give you guys a bit of my past history.

IMAF Founder: I created the IMAF back in 2007, where we were originally called the TIB. At the time I did not know how to make an army “active”, until January of 2009. Three active troops got active on xat, and our sizes gradually increased over time. By August of 2009, we reached 26+ on one of our events which was considered to be a very large army at the time. Other events we maxed a decent amount, but I am unable to show you due to the original IMAF site being hacked and defaced. I retired from the IMAF in early 2010, because I moved to Japan and figured it would be impossible for me to lead a USA army with a 13 hour difference compared to EST. After my retirement, the IMAF lost sizes over time and was declared dead on June of 2012.

 photo Screenshot2013-04-17at83200PM_zpsc0af92d5.pngRevival Force: On March of 2013, I came back to Club Penguin warfare for one month (for spring break) and founded an army called the Revival Force. The army maxed about 18 at an event that was within 1 or 2 weeks of it’s creation, which made the army 1st place in the CPSMAC. The RF were doing fine for a while, but I demoted myself to an adviser due after school started again. The RF didn’t turn out as well without myself leading, despite the fact that the troops were extremely loyal and dedicated to that army and trying to make it continue. At the end, I decided to merge the Revival Force into the Army of Club Penguin; where I didn’t earn a promotion or reward. I just merged the army in hope of helping the ACP since they were in a time of crisis and confusion. I decided to stay in the ACP hoping to attend events on the weekend, until Mchappy notified me that the ACP would be making a Australia/Asia Division of the ACP.

ACP: And so after doing several successful unscheduled AUS/Asia events, I was promoted as an ACP 3rd-in-command to further improve the newly created division.

If you believe I am not fit for the job, or you just want to talk to me, you can either private chat me on the ACP chat, or just e-mail me at slimball2007cp@yahoo.com. Note that UK/USA troops probably won’t be able to meet me on normal weekdays due to the screwed up time difference. The troops from those countries will be able to meet me early in the morning or late at night for UK/USA troops, and they will most likely see me on the weekends. Basically, 7:00 PM at where I live will be 6:00 AM EST. Just keep that in mind. 🙂

Thanks for the congratulations, guys. I promise I’ll fulfill the jobs of my new rank to it’s fullest.


20 Responses

  1. CONGRATZ FLIP :mrgreen:

  2. finalllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. the day has come.

  3. Congrats, 🙂 I’ll get it next time… maybe (wary)

  4. Finally, congrats flip.

  5. Congratulations!


  7. Congratsies Flip! I hope that you’ll be a great Aus/Asian division leader! Well.. you are already xD

  8. Congratz flip on 3ic!
    You deserved it 🙂

  9. 🙂

  10. congrats and all, but 5 3ics isnt a nice number.

  11. “o dang”

    im so funny

  12. congrats Flip

  13. 15th!! WELL DONE FLIPMOOOOOO .3.

  14. Cow goes moo. Congrats 😀

  15. Pfft this guy will never become leader XD

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