[March Madness] Round 2 vs. RPF – Results!


Today we logged onto Crystal, CPRewritten to brawl against the Rebel Penguin Federation in the semi-finals of the March Madness tournament. Thank you to our Commander in Chief, CSY, and Field Marshal, Max, for leading this epic battle. Incredible job everyone!

Max: 78
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[UK/US] Battle vs. PIC – Results

Hey ACP!

Today our UK division and US division logged onto Ascent, CP Rewritten for our battle the People’s Imperial Confederation! We created some fun formations and chanted some innovative tactics. We managed to efficiently break our size goal of 41 troops! Thank you to our moderator leads and HCOM Max for their amazing leading. Huge applause to PIC for providing great effort as well.

Max: 41
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To the New Year: A Brief Story & Toast to the Future

Greetings, ACP!

Here we are again: the end of the year. And what an interesting year it has been!

For me, it was an especially great year. Why? I got my beloved community back. After joining in 2012 (that’s over 7 years ago), I immediately came to love ACP and its community. As I got to know more and more people and learn through experience and dedication, I began to appreciate everything even more. Back then, it was a wonderful community (as it is now), and I have many fond memories. What I learned from the experience and the people that helped me grow will always stay with me—and make no mistake, my friends—these invaluable experiences will stay with you as well. Always remember: if you’re there for ACPACP will be there for you. 

Those memories will stay with you always. 
—Shaboomboom, Former ACP Leader & Guardian

And with all of these fond memories—almost 5 years of constant involvement and fun—I soon realized along with everyone else that Club Penguin would be shutting down, and with its end, would bring an end to armies as we had known them for so long. With that, we entered into the final months of Club Penguin—and ACP—which slowly started to bother me more and more, as you could imagine.

Once we were there for the final minutes of Club Penguin (people from multiple armies, both veterans and newer troops), I started to better understand just how heartbreaking this was. While there was hope for ACP to move forward, there were no plans in place. After all, as powerful as hope can be itself, it can’t bring a community back from the brink of the end. And, though this hope certainly lasted for me, it was, sadly, an empty hope; there was nothing that could be done. And with that, although with a valiant spirit, our beloved army met the darkness. Needless to say, it was a heartbreaking experience and period of grief that I will never forget.

Now, with the official shut down on March 29th of 2017, until September 29th (which is our 13th birthday, if you didn’t already know) of this year, ACP had ceased operations for over 2 years. For those two years, though I was busy with my own endeavors, there was something that was bothering me. It was eating away at me that the community I loved and held so dear wasn’t around anymore. And though I knew I’d have to live with this and move on, it still didn’t quite feel right. After all, others would no longer be able to experience the feeling of being involved in something so great as the ACP, and this stuck in the back of mind. Unfortunately, there was nothing I could do. I would visit the original ACP website and conduct some historical research every so often, perhaps in a mostly helpless effort to alleviate woe and sorrow.

It wasn’t until September that I was informed of a potential ACP revival and requested to share my thoughts. For the first time in years, a piece of my heart that was left heavy and broken felt lighter, and a new sense of hope sprung to life within me.

Since September 29th, 2019, I’ve felt a feeling of excitement I hadn’t felt until getting involved in the return of ACP. And in the past few months, I’ve felt great happiness and excitement to see the army clad back in action, hear the army boots march once again, and feel the camaraderie between us all, through thick and thin.

With almost 8 years of being involved with ACP, I’ve understood something very important: our army is more than just an army or another online group; it has so much character and personality and meaning and uniqueness—and potential. But even greater than this is the true nature of ACP. Beyond the details, it’s a community—a family.

Each of us will experience life differently, but it’s always better to experience that life with others. —Shaboomboom, Former ACP Leader & Guardian

We’re all here to have fun, learn a few life lessons along the way (perhaps more, perhaps less; the experience is unique to everyone), make friends (in honor of Club Penguin’s original goal), and contribute to something bigger than ourselves. It is my hope that ACP will remain around for you all to enjoy and benefit from for many years, and I’m sure many other veterans share this sentiment.

If you are newer to ACP, and perhaps younger, you may not yet fully appreciate the significance of what we have together in this wonderful community—and that’s fine; with time and experience comes gratitude and understanding. Search for the meaning ACP has to YOU and how it has helped, improved, or changed you. Search for why it inspirits you, why it intrigues you, why it is important to you at all. This deeper realization, this passionate spark, this inner fire, is what ACP needs.

Communities as rich as ours don’t form every day. Enjoy it. Cherish it. And see ACP into the next decade with your inner flame alight, guiding the next generations of the army forward, and ensuring our amazing legacy continues for years to come.

As we enter the New Year, I’m very excited to see what we will accomplish together. Although we’ve been in operation for only about 3 months, 2019 has been an exemplary year, and I’m very proud of you all. It warms my heart to see new recruits ascend the ranks and show true appreciation for our community. It means so much to us old-timers, you have no idea. Do not forget what we have accomplished and what you have accomplished, hold your head up high, and be proud to be in the legendary Army of Club Penguin.

Enter the new year—the new decade—with a renewed and invigorated spirit to learn, grow, strive, and succeed in all that you do in ACP, and beyond.

Together, there is nothing [we] cannot accomplish. Help each other, draw upon one another, and always remember the power that binds you. —Master Splinter

To a decade full of fun and success———

—and courageous, lionhearted marching.
Immer Fortschreiten,
(Always Forward)

ACP Legend & Advisor

Holiday Party 2019 Guide

Hello ACP 

I’m here to spread the joy with the Holiday Party guide! The holiday party last from Dec.19 to Jan. 2

 Read on to find out everything you need to know about this party:

❅ Background and Pin:

Go to the bottom left of your screen in the plaza to get the Holiday Stocking pin.

There are more merry pins available on the island in the Advent Calendar.

Go to the book room (above coffee shop) and click on the camera to get the Santa Seat background.

❅ Hornament

There are free reindeer antlers in the ski village, go grab yours now!

Beware of fleas navidad!

❅ Sleighing it

Go to the Santa’s Workshop (Go up the stairs at the Nightclub) to go for a sleigh ride! 

Distribute 15 Presents to get Santa’s Present Bag, distributing presents along with 10 other penguins completes a task, tasks will be explained more later on in this post.

Note: You won’t get the present bag if you already have it but you can still play the minigame.

Honorary mention: Rickey Tickey for cracking me up

❅ For Goodness Bakes!

The bakery is now open and it brings two free items with it! Click the oven on the top right to get the Deluxe Gingerbread House:

Before starting to bake, make sure you grab the bakery apron from the top left, wear just the apron and press D for a special action!

To bake cookies, you need to stand on each tray and then throw a snowball at the target when it appears:

❅ Rockhopper’s secret treasure

Even though Rockhopper is mysteriously absent, migrator has reached the beach along with its catalogue and a secret. Click the “s” in “items” to get the Map Area Rug:

❅ A gift that keeps on giving 

I’m sure you must have noticed the little present icon on the top right of your screen, clicking it brings you to this screen:

I swear I have donated coins this is just an alt pls don’t comment about this
  1. Community Goals

    Complete community goals by donating money to reap the rewards! All community goals have been reached, good job!

  2. Checklist

    To help the community raise money for CFC, completing the tasks in the checklist gives you rewards! The tasks on it right now are:

    – Ice Skating: Pretty easy, walk with your puffle at the ice rink to complete this task
    – Donate 10,000: Donate 10,000 to CFC for a reward and a stamp
    – Deliver presents: Go to the sleigh ride on a 4-5 bar server and deliver presents on the sleigh      with 10 other penguins
    – Christmas Spirit: Dance on the iceberg with several penguins to grow the tree
    – Bakery: Bake cookies, this task will be available on 24th December when the bakery opens


  3. Coins for Change

    The team has a certain amount of money set aside, the way the money is distributed among charities is determined by the percentage of virtual coins in each category. 

    Credits to Charlie#9284 CPR Discord moderator for this explanation.


    Donate coins to get stamps!

    You can get the Volunteer stamp and CFC 2019 pin by donating coins:

    You also get coins for donating 5k and 10k coins

❅ New Emoticons!

Last but not the least, CPR has added some emoticons in the spirit of Christmas and CFC, don’t forget to check them out!


Make sure you have collected all the items from the holiday party, check off everything you have:

Wreath Background
Stocking Pin
Reindeer Antlers
Santa’s Present Bag
Community Goal Rewards (All goals are unlocked now)
 Complete Checklist and get the coins
CFC stamp
CFC pin
Advent Calendar items (All items are available now)
Mystery gift in igloo catalogue (Make and Bake kitchen)

Bakery Items (Apron and Igloo)

Thank you for reading this guide, we hope it helped, stay tuned for more guides!
Click here to learn more about the Advent Calendar.

ACP Winter/Christmas Igloo contest: Intriguing Igloo Ideas!

Hey ACP!

As you may know, ACP likes to have occasional igloo contests to allow everyone to get into the spirit of the season. This time, with the holidays around the corner, we’ll be having a winter/Christmas igloo contest. Now, when I think about this time of the year especially, I really enjoy going all out with my igloo (provided that my coin balance allows me to do so). But sometimes I wonder (and I’m many of you do as well): How exactly can I accomplish this? How should I approach this project? What should I do first?

Image result

These are all challenging questions, no doubt. But not to fear, Engineer King Mondo is here!

One step you can take, especially if you don’t have a clear idea for your design or a complete plan, is to do some research. You can go on CP Rewritten and try to stumble upon some holiday-themed igloos, or you can look up some older ones online.

For your convenience, I have already done a bit. Here are some cool igloo examples you can draw some inspiration from:

It appears someone has pulled into town with their reindeer!

Beautiful Bakery. Cozy, am I right?
Ice Rink Time!
Any ideas yet? If not, you can also look at the items you have and what is available in the catalog. Think creatively; anything is possible!
It is also helpful to consider how you can use certain items together to create the illusion of a structure, surface, scenery, etc. 
If an item looks like it could work as something else (in context), try it out and see what happens!

Here are some steps you can take before constructing your igloo and during the reevaluation process:
  • Sketch out some ideas and consider the layout, elements, item placement, and what you want visible (such as a pathway or open area), and what you may want to hide from view to make the igloo look more authentic.
  • Feel free to ask for suggestions! Engineers don’t build society on their own, after all; they work together to solve problems.
  • Make your igloo design your own. Add your own flair or style; it’s all up to you. After all, you live here, don’t you?
  • Have fun! This is a community event to share ideas and passion for our community. Go all out and get excited!
Let’s have an awesome time and see what we can come up with. I’m excited to hear your ideas and see that Club Penguin holiday spirit!
Immer Fortschreiten,
(Always forward)

King Mondo
ACP Legend & Advisor

CPR Guide: Winter Party Ice Sculptures!

Hey ACP!

With the end of November and the start of the final month of 2019, we enter into the last couple of days of the CPR Winter Party. Be sure to get your free Snowflake T-Shirt from the Plaza!

Below, I’ll share the sculptures currently on Club Penguin Rewritten (in case you don’t get a chance to see them on the island for yourself).

Starting at the Docks, the first ice sculptures are below:

Next, we have the ice sculptures currently at the Beach:

Ice sculptures at the Ski Village:

And finally, we have the last ice sculpture at the Ski Hill:

And that’s it! Well, those were pretty neat, am I right? I’d love to see more!

The Club Penguin Rewritten Team did a great job turning these fan submissions into ice sculptures, didn’t they? I’ve really enjoyed seeing these around the island and seeing the community make its mark. Well done to everyone that submitted and congratulations to the penguins whose drawings were selected to be on the island!

Share your thoughts about the party below or on the ACP discord server! I’d like to see a similar event in the future, maybe for the summer season. What do you think will be the next party to have fan submissions?

Enjoy the final few days of the party, and get ready for the annually awaited CPR Christmas Party!

Immer Fortschreiten,
(Always Forward)

King Mondo
ACP Legend & Advisor

[UK] ‘Operation: Umbrella’ Results

CPR Guide: The GOLD Viking Helmet!

Hey ACP!

As you may have noticed, there’s a new play at the stage on Club Penguin Rewritten. The Haunting of the Viking Opera is back, along with Hector the Director, Helga, Inspector Bailey, the Glowing Ghost, Viking extras, and the Yellow Puffle of course!

But did you know there’s a secret item in the Costume Trunk catalog? The secret item is…
*drum roll*

The GOLD Viking Helmet!

To find the item, follow these steps:

     1. Head to the Stage & open the catalog
     2. Turn to Helga’s page (page 2)
     3. Click on the helmet above the “g” in “Viking” to reveal the Red Viking Helmet

         4. Close the hidden item card and open it 3 more times for the Blue Viking Helmet

         5. Once the Blue helmet shows up, click on Helga’s Viking helmet to reveal the special         super-duper secret Gold Viking Helmet!

    I hope you found this helpful! I don’t know about you, but I quite enjoy looking for these secret items and making these guides for you all to enjoy. If you’ve enjoyed, be sure to let me know below in the comments or on the Discord server!

    (March on)

    King Mondo
    ACP Legend & Advisor