My Retirement For ACP

Man, I don’t know how to say this. This is so hard and my heart is breaking to even write this to you guys. But my time is here. This long amazing journey with everyone has been a wild ride being here for you all has been amazing and fun. My love for ACP has never changed, won’t ever no matter where I am or where my journey takes me. 

Let me introduce myself and how I came to be in ACP! Hello my kind and green family. My name is Faith or most of you know me as Faithy :>. Ive been in Armies for a year and almost 3 months! How I found ACP, well Clover Kailey who is retired, recruited me from this game called Movie Star Planet. Kinda a weird way to recruit someone but had changed my life for the better! I had no clue what Armies were, what discord was, or how Club Penguin worked. You could say I was a nubbie to everything. I started from nothing, knew nothing about formations, how armies worked or how to rank up. I asked a million questions about it cause I was so confused 😀 I was introduced by Kailey, Cubby and Maze for who remember them! 

I was in the erra of when CSY was new to being leader, I remember ranking up and he would interview me for some stuff and had this whole interview for TOTM (Troop of the Month!). I got ranked up really quickly from there, got motivated from my old best friend Chek and himself CSY. In the time of being able to lead, become ACPTRs Instructor for a month, which was really fun, make so many friends and having fun ranking up fast, I became MOD! Was such an honor!

After months and months of hard work with the push of my staff team and those ups and downs, I became HCOM!

Man, did it feel amazing! Becoming something I never thought I’d achieve! Recruiting my butt off when I should of been sleeping, lol. Days of waking up early for those AUSIA events :> Being a staple role model in ya’lls lives! Keeping that push and dedication for my family and army. You all are more than just an army. YOU ARE my second family. I will still be here for you all. I am not leaving the server, I am simply retiring as life has gotten in the way of coming to events and recruiting. My love for this army will never change. I will come back if needed but this will be a new chapter of my life as I want you all to continue to do amazing and big things for this family! 

I want to shout out to those who I have grown with and my wonderful friends that pushed me to my limits!
Chek, Kayla, Bibi, Cute Kimi, CSY (for being an amazing mentor!), Roxy, Kailey, Nightfury, Shadow, Aero, Potato Belen, and Ramen. Sorry if I forgot anyone.

I’ve made so many memories with y’all that I’d like to share some. Here are pictures of things of my past memories!

I love you all and keep going, don’t give up and never give up on your self when u wanna reach a goal! Like I’ve always said 

“Green Together, Family Forever!”

Signed: Faithy :>

[EUSIA] The Golden Age

Ascent, “Farewell”– Hey there ACP! Today, the Clover Empire EUSIA division logged onto CP Rewritten for our farewell event to say one last goodbye to 7 of our key members that have been in ACP for a long time CSY, Cub, Kailey, Daniel, Robot, Shane, Stevos have been around in ACP for over a year they showed loyalty and hard work throughout their years, Sadly all good things come to an end and nothing lasts forever and this was their turn to move on from club penguin they been here since thin and thick, We wish them the best of luck with what ever is next! We reached a maximum size of 40 troops we had fun together throughout our final minutes together everyone did an amazing job today with the tactics and formations, Make sure to take a look at the pictures from the farewell event!

Maximum size – 40

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