[AUSIA] The Army of CP Hosts Fun Igloo Raid!

Ascent, ‘Igloo Raiding Rave’– Today our AUSIA division logged on to Ascent-Town we started off at town then we moved over to help our troops earn the Party Stamp by raiding their igloos. This event was led by CSY, Cubster and Sanya. We were able to maximum size of 30 penguins for this event and at the same time we had tons of fun! <3, Congratulations to everyone who earned the Party Stamp Igloo and thank you to everyone that attended.

Max: 30

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[UK/US ] Civilian Themed Igloo Raiding – Results!

Hey there ACP, this is Chicken coming in with another post. Today we went around and visited each other’s igloos helping people gain stamps! This was an amazing event and thank you everyone who attended!

Max: 46

Be sure to react in #event-chat and comment if you attended. Also, remember our MASSIVE battle against DCP on the 26th, react in #events if you can make it.