[UK] Gamma Division Faces Off Against the Smart Penguins


ASCENT, “Gamma Division Operation: Smart Strike”Hey ACP! Today the Clover Penguins’ Gamma Division logged onto the server Ascent in CPRewritten for a battle against the Smart PenguinsĀ where we did many amazing tactics and formations, we had some in-game tactics too. To finish with the event, we had fun playing Find Four in the Ski Lodge. Thanks to the soldiers who attended, everyone did a great work today, this was a wonderful UK event!

Max: 29

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ACP History: The Legendary Gamma Division

BLIZZARD, Shamrock Bulletin Headquarters – The Gamma Division, or Gamma Brigade, is one of the Army of CP’s original divisions formed in 2008. 11 years on from its shutdown, it’s returned to the ACP once more.

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[UK] Gamma Division Revived After 11 Years

ASCENT, ‘The Legendary Gamma Division’ – Today the ACP Gamma Division, last active in 2010, was revived after over a decade long closure. We painted the Town (literally) purple and achieved a strong maximum size of 40. Well done ACP on another fantastic UK event!

MAX: 40

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