[US] Clover Defenders Turn Into Kiwi Loaves

Ice Breaker, “Kiwi Loaf” – Welcome back Army of Club Penguin! Today, our US Division logged on to CPA Battleground to learn how to become Kiwi Loaves. Prior to our lesson, we did warmup tactics in the Town, where we stayed throughout the entire event. After warmups, we did three separate loaves in various angles to achieve the height of loaf perfection! Our Generals, SIDIE9 and shallissa led the loaf lessons while Field General Sebassotoo, Major General Calgocubs, and Brigadier General powerprimate assisted in the art of kiwi loaf-making.

Max: 12

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[US] The Coup D’etat of the ACP Leadership – Results!


Hola, ACP!

Today, our US division logged onto server Ascent, on Club Penguin Rewritten to conduct a fun Coup D’etat event. We covered history regarding the most famous coups in the ACP History, including Dr Nono Jr’s, Cassiusbrutus’ and Trader’s coups! Midway our fun event, we had a surprise coup, where Bailey, ACP Colonel, removed Temp CiCs Cubby and Max from their positions. After some intense Daniel bullying, we managed to restore the Temp CiCs back into power! Thanks to everyone who came, we had lots of fun ❤

Max: 54

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[SPEC OPS] Launch of Operation: Top Secret

Hola ACP!

Today, we logged onto Ascent, on CPRewritten to celebrate the official launch of Operation: We Rise From This, announced by CSY in this post, in preparation of the upcoming March Madness tournament. We practiced various formations and tactics, which we performed excellently. Time to win this tournament! #MMisOURS

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[UK/US] ACPSIS Mission: The Stale Nacho – Results!

Hola, ACP!

Today, our Secret Intelligence Service logged onto Ascent, on CPRewritten after receiving an emergency call of a Nacho spy, hidden within our ranks. The ACPSIS was in charge of finding clues, to uncover this “Stale” Nacho. We started at the Everyday Phoning Facility receiving a trivia question on our phones, which the answer was the password to a post, containing the next clue within it. Having the answer been found, we headed over to Max’s igloo, where the next clue was revealed. The Dojo was enlighting answer to this one. We finished off with an array of emotes, where Field Marshal Max revealed who this “stale” Nacho’s indentity was…

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[US] Operation: Touchdown! Results!

Hey ACP!

Today Our US Division logged onto Yeti- Club Penguin Armies for a spectacular Football Event! huge thanks to Zelly and Kailey for leading this fun event! We were able to max 31!

Max: 31!

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[US] Delta Division Battle vs. Crimson Guardians

Salutations ACP!

Today the US division logged onto the 1-bar CP Rewritten server Mammoth for a Delta Division battle against our amazing allies, the Crimson Guardians! We did awesome, reaching a peak of 39 penguins online!

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[US] Cowbell Takeover Moderator Lead – Results!

Hey there ACP, today we logged on to Blizzard for our amazing Cowbell Takeover. This was an amazing event, thank you all for coming!

Max: 58 


This was an AWESOME event if you attended react in #event-chat and comment on this post
Also, don’t forget to check out #events for more awesome events!
ACP Brigadier General

[UK/US] Farmer Bash – Results!

Hey there ACP today we logged on to Blizzard wearing our farmer outfits and took a trip around the island, farming on the Berg, Beach, and the Lighthouse. This was an amazing event.

Max: 41

This was an amazing event, be sure to react in #event-chat if you attended and comment on this post.
Also, don’t forget our massive AUSIA battle on Tuesday against the Water Vikings.
ACP Brigadier General

Final Weekend Event: Breeze @ClubPenguin #ClubPenguin

Hey guys!

Today we logged onto the server Breeze, at 3pm EST for the final weekend event, before Club Penguin completely shuts down. Today, during the event we was able to have a maximum of 15+ on Club Penguin. And everyone stayed active, and did the tactics through out the event. Here are some pics of the event. Photo Creds, goes to Sonic and Bam. Continue reading

Event Guidelines[EVERYONE READ]

Event Guidelines:

  • If the event is delayed, have it deployed next 30 minutes to an hour!
  • If barely of the owners can online, the one below that rank can lead it, a 4ic in particular. The other owners of the other division can lead this event(s) as well. Not having a successful event is bad for all of us.
  • Take advantage of opportunities to practice tactics and have fun events, and SUGGEST how to make events more fun so it can be enjoyable for everyone.
  • Show initiative and take control if you are the highest rank on chat. Leadership traits and confidence are two things we select owners based on.
  • Call allies and friends PRIOR to logging on.
  • Be EARLY on chat before the event, finish homework and DON’T do it during the event to prevent disruptions. You can of course work on it afterwards as well.
  • Keep the chat ACTIVE. Continually ANNOUNCE upcoming event times on chat and don’t let the chat die prior to events.

All of these guidelines and more are paramount to our events succeeding, and if we can improve on these things will move much more smoothly(and there will be a huge amount of promotions and overall fun)!