[US] Sherlock Holmes: A Mystery Twist

ZIPLINE, Sherlock Holmes: A Mystery Twist – Today, our US Divison logged on to CP Rewritten for our Sherlock Holmes event, the clovers were seen investigating and using their detective skills to find out who was the murderer, unfortunately, the clovers were not able to find out who the killer was until the final 3, blub and Jesus won after Jesus and blub voted faith out!

Max – 30

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Staff Scrutiny with Fusion

BLIZZARD, Shamrock Bulletin Headquarters – Welcome to the very first edition of the brand new Shamrock Bulletin column, Staff Scrutiny, where Commander-in-Chief Max will be grilling some of our brightest and very best staff members for satirical purposes only, of course! Keep reading to see how Field General Fusion faired.

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ACP Saga: May & June 2021

BLIZZARD, Shamrock Bulletin Headquarters – The ACP Saga has been updated with all of the amazing events of May and June 2021!

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[UK] Gamma Division Faces Off Against the Smart Penguins


ASCENT, “Gamma Division Operation: Smart Strike”Hey ACP! Today the Clover Penguins’ Gamma Division logged onto the server Ascent in CPRewritten for a battle against the Smart Penguins where we did many amazing tactics and formations, we had some in-game tactics too. To finish with the event, we had fun playing Find Four in the Ski Lodge. Thanks to the soldiers who attended, everyone did a great work today, this was a wonderful UK event!

Max: 29

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[EUSIA] Empire Defeated as the Clovers Secure Project Conquest

Project Conquest


AUSIA (best acp division)

Dragon Alley, “Clover Conquest” – Good day ACP! Today we logged onto Ascent, CPRewritten to battle our allies Silver Empire in the final showdown of Project: Conquest. The empire put up a fight with immense spirit but once again, the clover penguins emerge as the victors. I am very proud of everyone, every single ACP soldier that made all of this possible. It’s a good day to be a clover defender. Shoutout to Manik/GenZ for winning soldier of the day!

Max: 57

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[US] Army of Club Penguin Ravages the Red Ravagers at Battle for Eren’s Basement

Hola, ACP!
Today, the Red Ravagers decided to invade Eren’s Basement at a time we’re not used to having events on, 9pm EST, as part of the Project: Conquest tournament. Even despite all this, the ACP still managed to ravage the Red Ravagers and win the battle 3-0! Thank you to everyone who came, and to Daniel and Kailey for leading!

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[EUSIA] Clovers Carry Out “Mission: Fluffy the Fish”

ZIPLINE, ‘Operation: Fluffy the Fish‘ – Today the ACP logged onto the server zipline for their operation dedicated to Fluffy the Fish! We performed tactics and formations in the Town, Beach and Iceberg. Afterwards, an Ice-Fishing tournament was hosted, with the winners being Ash, McHappy, Tsanami and Epic VR. Congratulations to you all!

Max: 46

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[UK] Oagalthorp’s Battalion Ravages Blues In Dojo Battle

ASCENT, ‘Oagalthorp’s Battalion‘ – Today the Army of CP logged on to the server Ascent for their OG style dojo battle against the Blue Ravagers Incorporated! Before the battle we warmed up in the forts and town so we could be prepared for the battle! With our large size and variety of tactics, we managed to defeat B.R.I in the battle!

Max: 45

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[US] Templars Suffer Devastating Defeat to Clover Defenders in Battle for Snow Fort

Hola, ACP Soldiers!

On June 16th, the Army of Club Penguin faced off against the Templars in the battle for Ascent, as part of the Project: Conquest tournament. The ACP sadly suffered a devastating defeat in this battle, which resulted in the loss of the server. Today, June 22nd, the Templars once again tried to attack our pride by invading Snow Fort during US hours, same time as the first invasion. After a week of incredible effort, the ACP logged on, and crushed the Templars with a score of 3-0. Thank you to Max, Daniel and Kailey for leading this battle and our troops for attending, we were able to take sweet revenge from them.  We rise from this, ACP :EL:

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[EUSIA] Clovers Reign Supreme Over Rah’s Dwarf Village

Rah’s, Dwarf Village, “Clover Conquest”– Hello, ACP! Today we went up against the Doritos of CP in an EUSIA Invasion of their server Rah’s Dwarf Village. Due to ACP’s overwhelming size, speed and tactics we were able to secure yet another victory for the Clover Kingdom! Thank you to everyone who attended

Max: 43

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