[UK] A Day At The Fair – Results!

ABOMINABLE, CPR Fair Party – Hey there ACP! Today our UK Division headed onto Abominable for a quick tour of the Fair, followed by a fashion competition, which was won by Marianta.

Max: 33

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[EUSIA] Empire Defeated as the Clovers Secure Project Conquest

Project Conquest


AUSIA (best acp division)

Dragon Alley, “Clover Conquest” – Good day ACP! Today we logged onto Ascent, CPRewritten to battle our allies Silver Empire in the final showdown of Project: Conquest. The empire put up a fight with immense spirit but once again, the clover penguins emerge as the victors. I am very proud of everyone, every single ACP soldier that made all of this possible. It’s a good day to be a clover defender. Shoutout to Manik/GenZ for winning soldier of the day!

Max: 57

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[EUSIA] ACP Seizes Funny Bone From the Fallen Empire

Funny Bone, “Clover Conquest”– Hello ACP! Today we went up against our good allies the Silver Empire in a EUSIA Invasion to claim Funny Bone away from them. Both sides did extremely well but in the end of the day our size and speed was no match for the Silvers and we were able to secure yet another victory for the clover kingdom. Thank you to every soldier that came to our battle today where we were able to prove the true strength of the clovers and show them that we were able to take Funny Bone from them when many armies could not. Let’s keep the grind on and showcase our power again in our next invasion against the Silver Empire which will be the Invasion of Dragon Alley.

Max: 48


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[US] ACP Defense of Ascent

Hey there, ACP!

Today, our US Division valiantly faced off against our long-time enemies, the Templars, in an attempt to defend Ascent.

Although Ascent fell to the Templars, this is not the end. Tomorrow at 9AM EST, the ACP will take our revenge by invading the server Alexandria from the Templars. Join us then and help in retribution against them.

Join us in our #★★clover-conquest★★ tomorrow, 9AM EST.

Max: 34

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[Flash Nemesis War] AUSIA Invasion of Hockey – Victory!

Hey there ACP!

Today the ACP AUSIA Division logged on to invade Hockey from the Special Weapons and Tactics. The battle resulted in an ACP victory! Be sure to comment down below if you attended :salute:

Max: 42

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[AUSIA] Changing of the Guard


Greetings knights, today we logged on to the 1-bar server of Mammoth for a fun knight event as part of our Royal WeekThis event was super fun and we managed to securely guard Mammoth maxing 50.

Max: 50

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