Calgocubs21 Promoted to Commander in Chief

Ice Breaker, New Territory – Calgocubs21 is the Army of Club Penguin‘s new Commander in Chief. Following Zeus1’s retirement post, we weren’t sure who would be our next Commander in Chief as Calgo had only just recently been promoted to Higher Commander. This is his story.

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[AUSIA] King Charles Leads ACP!

WARZONE, New Territory – Good morning ACPOn September 10th, the AUSIA division logged onto CPA Battleground in Warzone today to celebrate his majesty King Charles III’s inauguration as monarch of the United Kingdom! As loyal servants to the crown, we paraded around the CPAB Dojo in his majesty’s honor. This was a truly historic event that has been 70 years in the making and we were honored to have 14 troops be in attendance. I’d like to give a huge shoutout to Sidie for safely recovering and leading her first event since undergoing surgery. This is no easy feat and she did a spectacular job today rallying our troops!

Max: 14

Troops Reflect On Favorite B▽ttles This Week

MAMMOTH, Shamrock Bulletin Headquarters – On August 23, Army of Club Penguin announced the return of themed weeks which would start off with Bttle Week consisting of three intense battles to prove that our recent growth was not just a fluke!

Our first battle unfolded on Wednesday, August 24 against our close ally Help Force where we maxed 11 soldiers on Battleground. On Friday, August 26, 18 troops marched to the battlefield where it was revealed that they would take on the notorious Mchappy who had recently gone rogue on Ice Breaker. Troops then concluded their conquest on Saturday, August 27 by charging headfirst into Klondike to battle with our historic rivals known as Rebel Penguin Federation where we once again maxed 18. While many in the army community still underestimate us, our performance this week put us one week away from reaching major army status!

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[US] Furries Invade Ice Breaker!

ICE BREAKER, “New Territory” – Hello, ACP! On August 12th, the US division logged onto CPA Battleground in Ice Breaker for an event that was most definitely NOT a furry event. Despite public opinion, we are NOT furries. I repeat, NOT furries. The Army of Club Penguin would never hold a furry event. We held our convention in three different rooms: Town, Iceberg, and the new Mine. That being said, ten animals in green disguised as parrots were spotted for our max!

Max Size: 10

Make sure to react in #★★hf-battle★★ if you’re able to attend our battle against Help Force this Saturday!


ACP Major General

[US] Alpha & Echo Clash! – [RESULTS]

ICE BREAKER, “Alpha vs. Echo Battle” – Hello, ACP! On August 6th, the USA division logged onto CPA Battleground, in Ice Breaker Town for an intense rematch battle between the Alpha and Echo divisions. Historically there has been a long-time rivalry between both Red (Alpha) and Blue (Echo) teams. To settle this ongoing rivalry both divisions duked it out in three separate rooms starting in Town, moving to Stadium, and ending on Iceberg. Both sides endured many snowballs that were thrown back and forth, and we reached a max size of 7 troops online! Ultimately though the winner of this battle was *DRUM ROLE PLEASE* … TEAM ALPHA!

Max Size: 7

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