[US] Battle against TCP

ASCENT, “Battle against Templars” – Hello ACP! Today, the Clover Penguin’s US Division logged onto the 1-bar server Ascent for our friendly battle against the Templars of Club Penguin. We managed to reach a maximum size of 26 penguins, everyone had fun, and did well throughout. I would like to thank every Army of CP troop who attended the battle, and congratulations to Peterboy31 for winning the nitro giveaway!


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[UK] Defence of Ice Coast vs Western Bloc

Hey there ACP!

Earlier today, we logged onto Abominable as part of the Vengeance Alliance to help our allies, The Help Force, to defend their server ‘Ice Coast’ against the Western Bloc. After battling it out for three rooms, we came out on top, winning 2 rooms and one room ruled a tie.

Max: 14

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[UK] Ice Melted in Exciting ACP vs. IW ‘Blitz Battle’

ASCENT, Battlefield – Today our UK division went head-to-head with the Ice Warriors in an exciting ‘blitz battle’ – in which the two forces battled in four rooms across 20 minutes. We fought well in the Ice Berg, Inside Mine, Stadium and Snow Forts, peaking at a maximum size of 37 soldiers. Excellent work to all and thank you to the Ice Warriors for a fantastic battle!


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[UK] Oagalthorp’s Battalion Ravages Blues In Dojo Battle

ASCENT, ‘Oagalthorp’s Battalion‘ – Today the Army of CP logged on to the server Ascent for their OG style dojo battle against the Blue Ravagers Incorporated! Before the battle we warmed up in the forts and town so we could be prepared for the battle! With our large size and variety of tactics, we managed to defeat B.R.I in the battle!

Max: 45

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[AUSIA] ACP Draw in Three-way ‘Clash of Titans’ Battle versus RPF and HF

ABOMINABLE, ‘Clash of Titans – Today, ACP logged onto the server Abominable for their Clash of Titans battle against the Rebel Penguin Federation and the Help Force. The battle resulted in a tie between all 3 armies! Let’s aim for another strong turnout at our Schools Out for Summer event later today!

Max: 49

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[March Madness] Round 2 vs. RPF – Results!


Today we logged onto Crystal, CPRewritten to brawl against the Rebel Penguin Federation in the semi-finals of the March Madness tournament. Thank you to our Commander in Chief, CSY, and Field Marshal, Max, for leading this epic battle. Incredible job everyone!

Max: 78
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[UK] Practice Battle with Help Force and Blue Ravagers – Results


Today our UK division logged onto Crystal, CPRewritten for a three-way battle with our allies the Help Force and enemies Blue Ravagers. This brawl consisted of us practicing our tactics and formations. Thank you to our Commander in Chief, CSY, and Field Marshal, Max, for leading this epic battle. Well done everyone!

Max: 34
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Why We Will Win The March Madness Battle vs. Water Vikings

BLIZZARD, Shamrock Bulletin Headquarters – Join members of the higher command, leadership and advisor-ship, as they tell you exactly why the Army of CP will win the tournament battle later today. 

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[UK/US] Battle vs. PIC – Results

Hey ACP!

Today our UK division and US division logged onto Ascent, CP Rewritten for our battle the People’s Imperial Confederation! We created some fun formations and chanted some innovative tactics. We managed to efficiently break our size goal of 41 troops! Thank you to our moderator leads and HCOM Max for their amazing leading. Huge applause to PIC for providing great effort as well.

Max: 41
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[UK] Battle of No Return vs. Recon Federation Results!

Salutations ACP!

Wow – what a performance from the Army of CP UK division today! Our brave soldiers of the D.R.A.C.P logged onto the slopes of Ascent and took a fantastic fight to the Recon Federation, battling in the Docks, Lighthouse and Ice Berg. A total of 48 ACP soldiers were noted in this battle led by Cubby, Max and Daniel. Our formations, tactics and movements were clean and crisp, and we managed to secure ourselves a 3-0 victory! We now look ahead to the March Madness tournament which begins in just two weeks. #MarchMadnessIsOurs

MAX – 48

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