Penguin Vogue: Max and Leila

BLIZZARD, Shamrock Bulletin Headquarters – Welcome back to another week of Penguin Vogue, where ACP Major Keynikki interviews her fellow troops on their uniforms and the meaning behind them! Today, we’ll be interviewing ACP Field Marshall Max and ACP Major Leila on what they wear on a typical day in the Army of Club Penguin! Why do they wear the uniforms that they wear, and why do they think that the ACP uniform is important?

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Battle Brilliance: Kailey and Kailey

BLIZZARD, Shamrock Bulletin Headquarters – Welcome beloved darlings, to the second issue of Battle Brilliance, hosted by Colonel Myth! This week’s edition will be featuring not one, but two Kailey’s, as we take a look at General and Advisor Kailey’s favourite battles.

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[UK] Alpha vs. Echo – Results!

Hey ACP!

Today we played between our divisions!

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[UK] Jackbox: Drawful 2 – Results!

Hey ACP!

Today we played Jackbox: Drawful 2 between our divisions! Thank you to Spotty for hosting!

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[UK] Operation: Rainy Day – Results!

Hey ACP!
We logged onto 1-bar server Mammoth for a rainy day adventure! Thank you to everyone who came!

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UK/US Unscheduled Event on Breeze

Important Post to Read:

Hiring Owners

Greetings, ACP.  Today we had an unscheduled training session on Breeze where we maxed 12 at town  after that we moved on to the Cove for a few tactics before logging off. Carry on reading for pictures.

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Army of CP vs. Teutons

Server: Klondike

8pm UK

3pm EST

2pm CST

1pm MST

12pm PST



The rules for the Champions Cup V are standard.

  • No allies
  • No entering the battle room before the judge orders it
  • No leaving the battle room before the judge orders it
  • No multilogging
  • No botting/raiding
  • Judges have the right to deem unlisted things as offenses if they see fit


It’s time, soldiers.

Time to win.

March Onward,


UK Carving Party

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Active Count

Club Penguin Cheats

Greetings, ACP. Today, the UK division logged on Blizzard, Ice Berg for a pumpkin carving party ; we maxed around twenty four in this event as rouges also took part in the fun of carving the Ice Berg into a spooky face! Carry on reading for pictures of the event provided by myself and Mondo.

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UK/US Unscheduled Mining Expedition on Blizzard

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10 Years of Leaders #Boomer 20

Beef it Up

Greetings, ACP. Today we logged on for a quick mining expedition on Blizzard where we maxed fifteen and averaged around thirteen/fourteen. The tactics we managed to do were quite good. Make sure to carry on reading for pictures of the event.

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