[UK] Vengeance Alliance Clean Sweep Silvers in Battle of Cream Soda

ASCENT, ‘Clean Sweep’ – Hello ACP! Today we once again logged on as part of the Vengeance Alliance in an invasion against the Silver Empire. With the silvers showing up this time, we were able to do a full 3 room battle for once and despite the small effort put in by the Empire, we once again swept them in all three rooms, with a 3-0 victory for the alliance! Thank you to everyone who came today! The war score is now 5-0-1 [W-T-L]

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[UK/US] Roti Warriors Revived by Army of CP

ASCENT, ‘Roti Warriors Revival’ – Today, the ACP logged onto the server Ascent to revive the famous Roti Warriors army! After the members of ACP showed off their amazing roti-making skills and outfits, the army was officially revived! At the end of the event, following some fun tactics and room changes, we played a game of Four Corners hosted by McHappy. The winners of this fun minigame were Chek and Cubby, congratulations to you both! Let’s aim for another strong event at our Clash of Titans battle tomorrow!

Max: 31

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[UK] SWAT Defeated by Clover Defenders in ‘Nemesis Demolition’ Battle

ASCENT, ‘Nemesis Demolition’- Today ACP logged onto Ascent to once again defeat SWAT in a battle that left the ACP victorious! Let’s carry on this winning streak and have a great battle at the Clash Of Titans this Saturday!

Max – 35

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[UK] Operation: Hot Sauce

Hey ACP!

Today our UK Division logged on to Club Penguin Rewritten for a pizza themed event, entitled Operation: Hot Sauce. We dressed up in our pizza outfits and then participated in our very own Pizza Making Competition. The Chef that gained the highest score on Pizzatron ended up being Shane! He has been rewarded with a limited edition Five Star Chef role!

Max: 45

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[UK/US] Valentine’s Branch Battle – Results

Hey ACP!

Today, our UK Division and US Division both logged on for the next event in our Valentine’s half week. In our second branch battle of the post-flash era, we logged onto Club Penguin Rewritten and battled in the Underground Pool, Snow Forts and the newly decorated Iceberg.


Room 1 (Underground Pool) – Alpha
Room 2 (Snow Forts) – Alpha
Room 3 (Iceberg) – Tie

Result: Alpha Victory

Max: 37

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[UK] Operation: Love is Love – Results

Hey ACP!

Today, our UK Division logged on for the next event in our Valentine’s half week. We logged onto Club Penguin Rewritten and headed to the Town before moving on to the Snow Forts, Stadium and then the Iceberg. Even without the :EH~1: emote, we managed to celebrate all things love! We attempted everything from a heart formation to a rainbow flag at the end of the event. :E9::EZ~4::ED::ELclovers::7Puffle::EQ:

Max: 35

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[UK] Jackbox: Drawful 2 – Results!

Hey ACP!

Today we played Jackbox: Drawful 2 between our divisions! Thank you to Spotty for hosting!

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[UK] Games Tournament – Results!

Hey there ACP!

Today the troops of our UK Divison logged on to 1-bar Mammoth on CP Rewritten to have some fun playing minigames, from find four all the way to sled racing. It was super fun and we managed to max 38!

Max: 38


The winners of each of the games are as follows:

Find Four: Rarity808

Card Jitsu: Rarity808, Powerprimate, MazeX/Big Chungus, Hiivasivut

Sled Racing: Max

Dance Contest – Frog

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