[UK] Practice Battle with Help Force and Blue Ravagers – Results


Today our UK division logged onto Crystal, CPRewritten for a three-way battle with our allies the Help Force and enemies Blue Ravagers. This brawl consisted of us practicing our tactics and formations. Thank you to our Commander in Chief, CSY, and Field Marshal, Max, for leading this epic battle. Well done everyone!

Max: 34
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[AUSIA] St. Patrick’s Day Celebration – Results

What’s up ACP!

Today our AUSIA division logged onto Ascent, CPRewritten for our epic St. Patrick’s Day Celebration! The event consisted of us dressing in green and marched around all over the island to showcase our spirit. Thank you to our Commander in Chief, CSY, for leading the event. We managed to reach a size of 41 troops! Well done everyone!

Max: 41
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[AUSIA] Aces of AUSIA! Round 2 VS. Secret Service -Results!

Heya, ACP

Today we started our Aces of AUSIA tournament with… Secret Service 😀 It was a fun battle but due to ACP’s Size, speed and tactics we were able to secure this victory with 3-0-0 and move on to the next round of Aces of AUSIA! We would like to thank the Secret Service for this fun tournament battle ❤

Max: 33

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Athchraoladh seachtainiúil ACP Deireadh Fómhair #20 DAY BEFORE TOMORROW..


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[UK] Battle vs. SWAT – Results

Hey ACP!

Today, we logged onto Alaska, CP Armies for a epic battle against SWAT! After doing several formations and creative tactics, we managed to successfully take home a 3-0 win. Thank you to our lovely HCOM for leading this awesome showdown. Shoutout to SWAT for putting up a good effort as well!

Max: 73
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[AUSIA] Pizza Party – Results

Hello ACP!

Earlier today, we logged onto Mammoth, Club Penguin Rewritten to rise and shine for a pizza party! We marched around the island in our pizza outfits collecting stamps and expressed our love for pizza. Thank you to CSY and HCOM for leading a great event like always.

Max: 37
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Late UK Training


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Combined Division Training


Greetings, ACP! Today, the UK division had a late unscheduled training on Breeze where we maxed thirteen; this was a short event and we stayed in Cove for the whole duration of the event. Carry on reading for pictures from today’s event.

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Cheesy UK battle with Nachos

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Greetings, ACP! Yesterday, we had a practice battle against Nachos where we drew with them; unfortunately I was unable to post this yesterday due to my internet failing however we did max thirteen in this event with some decent tactics – if you’ve pictures from the event make sure to PC them to me so I can add them on. Carry on reading for pictures.

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Advancing into the Semi-Finals

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Greetings, ACP. Well done, guys!  We’ve advanced into the Semi Finals after beating Wild Ninjas in the Quarter final with 2 out of 3 judges voting for us; this was a fun battle and hopefully we’ll have chance to battle Wild Ninjas in the future. We maxed 22 in this event with an average of around 20-21 and as a reward two people were granted temp owner for 24 hours. Carry on reading if you want to see pictures of the event.


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UK Tournament Training

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Greetings, ACP. As preparation for our tournament battle on Sunday we logged on for a quick tournament training session on Breeze where we maxed a size of twelve. Our tactics today were decent so hopefully we can transfer that onto Sunday’s battle with Wild Ninjas. Carry on reading for pictures of the event. 

Image result for lest we forget

Lest we forget.

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