[UK] SWAT Defeated by Clover Defenders in ‘Nemesis Demolition’ Battle

ASCENT, ‘Nemesis Demolition’- Today ACP logged onto Ascent to once again defeat SWAT in a battle that left the ACP victorious! Let’s carry on this winning streak and have a great battle at the Clash Of Titans this Saturday!

Max – 35

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[UK] Invasion of Summit – Results!

Hey ACP!

Today our UK Division logged onto face the Doritos of CP for the second battle of the War of Estranged Brothers, the invasion of Summit. We came out victorious and successfully invaded the Dorito’s capital of Summit where we maxed 41 troops.


Max: 41

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ACP Interviews: King Mondo

HELLO there ACP Shamrock Bulletin(-ers?)

Have you ever wondered how to get to ACP leader? Perhaps you have been curious about the experiences of some of our very own ex-leaders….

Well, your questions shall be answered, as earlier I headed over to the Mammoth Classroom to ask our very own Advisor and Legend King Mondo a few questions!

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