Announcing Anniversary Week, Our Sweet 16!

Addressed to the Army of Club Penguin

MAMMOTH, Capital – We are happy to announce this year’s birthday celebrations as we celebrate the anniversary with a week filled with an array of fun community events!

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[US] Clovers Battle Fire Elite in Roast Fest

WARZONE, “Clash of the Trainers” – Hey there Army of Club Penguin! We are continuing our Clash of the Trainers 2: Elite Four Week with another exciting and fiery event for the US Division! For this event, members of Team Valor (Alpha) and Team Mystic (Echo) were challenged to roast the Elite Four Fire Trainer (General Calgocubs) with well-constructed and clever insults. Before the roast session, the Clovers first met up on CPA Battleground in the Town before moving to the Cove, where the fun really began. The roast session, judged by Major General powerprimate, was divided into 5 rounds with members of each team trying to roast the Elite Four Fire Trainer. In the end, Team Mystic came out on top with Staff Sergeant ZiTo and Sergeant McDonald’s claiming 4 wins while Major SuperKlonoa64 was responsible for securing the only win for Team Valor, making Team Mystic the winners of the Roast Challenge!

The score for the Clash of Trainers 2: Elite Four Week are Team Mystic: 3 – Team Valor: 0

Max: 11

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[US] Clovers Battle Dark Elite in Scavenger Hunt

ICE BREAKER, “Clash of the Trainers” – Welcome back Army of Club Penguin! This week, we kicked off our Clash of the Trainers 2: Elite Four Week with an exciting event in CPA Battleground for our US Division! Members of Team Valor (Alpha) and Team Mystic (Echo) met up at the Town where we awaited the scavenger hunt challenge that the Elite Four Dark Trainer (Field Marshal Shallissa) created for us. After a brief warmup session in the Town, the Dark Trainer sent us all around the Island of Club Penguin in search of various items. The scavenger hunt was divided into three rounds with First Lieutenant Peteyboy31 winning the first round for Team Valor and Major Mariantt winning the next two rounds for Team Mystic! In the end, Team Mystic came out as the victors of the Elite Four Dark Trainers Scavenger Hunt!

The score for the Clash of Trainers 2: Elite Four Week are Team Mystic: 1 – Team Valor: 0

Max: 14

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[US] Clover Defenders Pass Drivers’ Test

Klondike, “Drivers’ Test” – What’s good Army of Club Penguin? Today, our US Division logged on to CPA Battleground to put our road skills to the test! We started off in town where we warmed up prior to our drivers’ test. After warmups, we moved to the Stadium where we showed off our driving skills and received the word that we passed our drivers’ test from Advisor Mchappy! This fantastic event was led by Major General Calgocubs with assistance from Brigadier General powerprimate.

Max: 13

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[US] Marlin and Dory Find Mchappy!

KLONDIKE, “Operation: Finding Mchappy” – Good evening ACPOn September 5th, the US division logged onto CPA Battleground in Klondike today for a crucial operation to find and save our beloved clownfish, Mchappy who was captured by the intimidating Underground Mafias scuba diving group. His overprotective father, Oagalthorp teamed up with 15 fish from the Army of Club Dorys to rescue and retrieve our advisor and two-time medal of honor recipient. Thank you to everyone who attended and please make sure to just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming ACP!

Max Size: 15

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[US] Operation: Busy Bees

KLONDIKE, “Operation: Busy Bees” – Hello, ACP! Today, the US division of the Army of Club Penguin logged on to the server Klondike for a fun event! For this event, 15 bees flew and went online! During this event, the bees did many tactics and formations in the town. We then flew to the docks and buzzed all around, we then finished this event by setting in the iceberg. Thanks to everyone that attended this event!

Maximum size- 15

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[US] Furries Invade Ice Breaker!

ICE BREAKER, “New Territory” – Hello, ACP! On August 12th, the US division logged onto CPA Battleground in Ice Breaker for an event that was most definitely NOT a furry event. Despite public opinion, we are NOT furries. I repeat, NOT furries. The Army of Club Penguin would never hold a furry event. We held our convention in three different rooms: Town, Iceberg, and the new Mine. That being said, ten animals in green disguised as parrots were spotted for our max!

Max Size: 10

Make sure to react in #★★hf-battle★★ if you’re able to attend our battle against Help Force this Saturday!


ACP Major General

[US] Alpha & Echo Clash! – [RESULTS]

ICE BREAKER, “Alpha vs. Echo Battle” – Hello, ACP! On August 6th, the USA division logged onto CPA Battleground, in Ice Breaker Town for an intense rematch battle between the Alpha and Echo divisions. Historically there has been a long-time rivalry between both Red (Alpha) and Blue (Echo) teams. To settle this ongoing rivalry both divisions duked it out in three separate rooms starting in Town, moving to Stadium, and ending on Iceberg. Both sides endured many snowballs that were thrown back and forth, and we reached a max size of 7 troops online! Ultimately though the winner of this battle was *DRUM ROLE PLEASE* … TEAM ALPHA!

Max Size: 7

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[US] Clover Defenders Turn Into Kiwi Loaves

Ice Breaker, “Kiwi Loaf” – Welcome back Army of Club Penguin! Today, our US Division logged on to CPA Battleground to learn how to become Kiwi Loaves. Prior to our lesson, we did warmup tactics in the Town, where we stayed throughout the entire event. After warmups, we did three separate loaves in various angles to achieve the height of loaf perfection! Our Generals, SIDIE9 and shallissa led the loaf lessons while Field General Sebassotoo, Major General Calgocubs, and Brigadier General powerprimate assisted in the art of kiwi loaf-making.

Max: 12

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WARZONE, ‘GOOOOOL!‘ – Hello ACP! Today the US Division logged on for our football/soccer event at CPA Battleground, in Warzone Town. We had a max size of 8 troops! We started out with warm-up tactics in the Town. We did lots of emotes and word tactics. We then moved to the Stadium to get some goals at a really icy looking pitch. After that, we moved to the Cove to relax at the beach after a really good match! Keep up the good work ACP, let’s get bigger and better together!

Maximum Size-8

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