[UK] Results of the ACP Presents: Double Deck the Halls

Addressed to Club Penguin Armies

MAMMOTH, Capital – Today was an extremely successful day. On this day, November 26, the Army of Club Penguin hosted a community event known as the Double Deck the Halls battle. Although it wasn’t a grand tournament, the competition was still on fire. A trophy will be presented later to the winners. (Spoilers: we won Inside Mine and the Forest!)

Max: 15

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WARZONE, “Invasion of Freeland: Cold Front”– Good afternoon ACP! Today, our UK division logged onto CPA Battleground in Warzone for an invasion of Cold Front. We started off in the Dojo where performed a variety of different tactics (including contemplating waterfalling) and successfully invaded Cold Front. Thus our land control on the map increased up to 17! Huge shout out to Purple for judging our invasion! After the successful invasion, we moved over to the coldest place on this island which is the Iceberg. Overall 18 troops wearing insulated jackets and ski outfits showed up for our fifth invasion of the week which was a huge success!

Max Size: 18

Max Size Picture:

Event Tactics Pictures:

Thank you all for attending today’s invasion! Can’t wait to see you at our next event.

March on troops!


ACP 49th Command in Chief


WARZONE, “Practice Battle vs. SWAT”– Good evening ACP! Today, our UK division logged onto CPA Battleground in Warzone for a 30-minute hectic practice battle against SWAT. We started off the battle with SWAT at the Underground Pool underneath Plaza, then we moved to the Dojo Courtyard as well as inside the Dojo. Eventually, the remainder of the event was fought at the Iceberg, where we went head-to-head against SWAT. Overall 20 of our troops showed up for this heated fight, and I’d like to thank SWAT for putting up a valiant effort!

Max Size: 20

Maximum Size Picture:

Event Pictures:

Thank you all for attending today’s practice battle! Can’t wait to see you at the next event!


ACP General

War on the Horizon: Mammoth Rightfully Reclaimed!

Good morning my fellow ACP troops! Today I am proud to announce our recent war, victories, raids, and newly forged alliance and debrief the major events that have occurred within the past several weeks.

Declaration of War & Victory

Over the course of the Legends Cup, there was one question that loomed over the heads of our Higher Command team and that question was what our next steps would be after the conclusion of the tournament. The simple answer was war. The cold hard truth is that we haven’t actively engaged in a war in almost a year since World War VIII let alone pursued it. Ultimately we thought it was about time we made a crucial change in ACP’s direction and give our troops a taste of war.

Ice Warriors landed into our sights as a prime target due to their decision to sit out of the Legends Cup tournament. This gave us the impression that their leaders were not confident enough in their army and troops to perform. Furthermore, coincidentally enough the Ice Warriors had recently come into possession of our historic capital, Mammoth due to server transfers from the Water Vikings. This would be an opportune moment for us to reclaim our capital and enforce it with plenty of land to spare by making our entry onto the CPA map for the first time.

Following the conclusion of Legends Cup we held multiple practice battles with other armies including Ice Warriors to gauge our strength as well as theirs and after much consideration, we set our sights on declaring war on them by the end of the month. After much discussion, we then pushed up our deadline to Sunday, October 23rd to declare war.

Despite our ambitions to invade and war IW, they started offloading all of their servers to their allies, Rebel Penguin Federation and Water Vikings on Thursday, October 20th. Recognizing their intentions to exit the map fully, we declared war on them three days early and locked down their remaining 12 servers which included Mammoth.

Declaration of War on Ice Warriors

After locking down IW into war, we waited patiently for their response and prepared to release posts and statements to our troops since this declaration was released earlier than we had planned. We were hopeful that this would develop into an intense war that would be beneficial for both armies, but IW had other plans.

Exactly 27 minutes later IW surrendered to ACP and transferred all 12 of their remaining servers over to us. While this was not the victory we were expecting nor hoping for, we came out victorious nonetheless with Mammoth and extra land!

Ice Warriors Surrender after 27 minutes
Updated CPA Map as of October 30th

Servers Won:

  • Mammoth
  • Molly
  • Snowy
  • Holly
  • Icey’s Retirement
  • Christmas
  • Pine Needles
  • Air Fryer
  • Jaipur
  • Inazuma
  • Grizzly
  • Alfheim

After being denied the opportunity to invade Ice Warriors properly and being quite disappointed in their response to war. ACP raided their practice battle with the Water Vikings on Friday, October 21st maxing more than both armies in the fight. This was meant to make a statement that no army should ever back down from a fight let alone WAR!

Raid on the Ice Warriors Practice Battle vs. Water Vikings

A New Alliance: Dark Vikings x Army of Club Penguin

On Sunday, October 23rd, ACP once again responded with swift action as the Water Vikings scheduled a phony practice battle event with the Ice Warriors where they planned to dress up as Green clowns as shown here in an attempt to bait us out into the open. ACP that same week had established a new alliance with an up-and-coming S/M army known as the Dark Vikings.

Being that this practice battle involved two armies, DV offered their help in aiding in the raid to make it a fair fight and mark the beginning of our new alliance. Overall there were a total of 31 troops who participated on our side, 20 of which were our own troops. While WV may have baited us out into the open they were not expecting the turnout that we had and we dealt a shocking blow to their efforts to make a mockery of us!

Raid on Water Vikings Practice Battle vs. Ice Warriors

After all this time Mammoth has finally returned home to its rightful owners and we plan to keep it that way! React in #★★mammoth★★ if you can attend our March on Mammoth Celebration Parade this Friday!

March on Troops!


49th Commander in Chief

[UK] Pumpkin Mash Battle

KLONDIKE, “Monster Mash Tournament”- Good afternoon ACPOn October 30th, the UK division logged onto CPA Battleground in Klondike to compete in a Halloween-themed tournament called Monster Mash dressed as Pumpkins. Overall 24 of our pumpkin troops joined the battle against SWAT and Water Vikings in two five-minute rooms, the Mineshaft and the Docks. Overall ACP took second place in the first room over WV and tied for first place with SWAT in the second room. After the tournament, ACP participated in a Murder Mystery community event where we took 3rd place by hunting down and performing tasks for CPA admins to solve the mystery and piece together the clues.

Max Size: 24

Max Size Picture:

Tactics/Battle Pictures

Special thanks to everyone that attended the tournament and community event! Make sure to keep an eye out for upcoming events this coming week!

March on Troops!


49th Commander in Chief

[UK] Operation: Dark Water

ICE BREAKER, “Operation: Dark Water”- Good afternoon ACPOn October 23rd, the UK division logged onto CPA Battleground in Ice Breaker to raid the Water Vikings and Ice Warriors Practice Battle due to WV advertising that they would be dressing up as the Green Army Clowns. Our allies, Dark Vikings, joined us in the raid and suited up in our ACP uniform to support our raid against two armies WV who were obviously trying to call us out. We were successful in having over 31 people fight under our banner, 20 of which were our own troops, as counted in the picture below.

Max Size: 31 

Event that Sparked the ACP Raid

Be sure to react in  #★ghost-graveyard★ and #★halloween-igloo★ if you can attend our two upcoming events this Tuesday and Saturday!


49th Commander in Chief

[UK] Clovers Battle the SWET Army!

WARZONE, “Battle Against SWAT” – What’s Up, ACP? Today on the 15th Of October, our UK division logged on to the Warzone server for our battle against SWAT. First, we sat in Town to wait for our battle. Then we started roaming around the CP map, starting in Iceberg, 5 minutes later we marched to Docks, and we finished off our journey with SWAT in the Stadium, with 16 troops! I would like to congratulate ZiTo for their promotion to Second Lieutenant. Well done!

Max: 16

Event Pictures:

Thank you to everyone who attended this battle and see you in the next one!


Brigadier General

[UK] Legends Cup Semi-Final

Hey there ACP!

Earlier today, we logged onto Icebreaker for our legends cup semi-final battle against Water Vikings. We put up a great fight and managed to tie the last room with them, however it wasn’t enough to edge them and so Water Vikings came out on top. Big congratulations to Water Vikings and best of luck in the finals!! Regardless of the result, we performed exceptionally well and put up a great fight, so, well done to you all for that!

Max: 37

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Announcing Anniversary Week, Our Sweet 16!

Addressed to the Army of Club Penguin

MAMMOTH, Capital – We are happy to announce this year’s birthday celebrations as we celebrate the anniversary with a week filled with an array of fun community events!

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[UK] Veterans of the ACP Reunite For Operation: Blast From The Past

ICE BREAKER, “Operation: Blast From The Past” – Hello, ACPOn July 1st, the UK division of the Clover Defenders logged on the server Ice Breaker of CPAB for a special operation where we reached a max of 10 penguins online! This event was led by Zelly and other soldiers of the army, we started at the town and then we moved to the stadium. Thanks to the troops that attended this event! Here are some pictures of this operation ♡

Max size: 10

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