[AUSIA] Delta Swooping In

Addressed to the Army of Club Penguin

WARZONE, “Operation: Agent Orange” –  Good afternoon ACP! Once more our Delta division has soared to new heights as they logged on for another AUSIA event last Thursday. We had one goal on our minds and one goal only. Our objective was to remove all the trees and green foliage from the island to keep for ourselves because we believe no one should be able to enjoy our color green unless they are enlisted in ACP! How did we do this you may ask? Well, simply, we used hot sauce mixed with many chemical herbicides and dumped it all on the trees from the skies using our useful hang gliders. Overall 17 troops assisted us in our efforts and we were successful in removing a majority of the Forest room.

Max: 17

Max Size Picture:

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[AUSIA] Delta Division Embraces Orange

ICE BREAKER, “Operation: Orange Crush”- Good morning ACPOn October 12th, the AUSIA division logged onto CPA Battleground in Ice Breaker to practice high-paced and advanced tactics as Delta Division Oranges! As oranges, we roamed around the island with a size of 15 performing various different complex formations and practicing Z wipes in the Forest and Snow Forts. At the end of the event, troops competed in a Cart Surfer Competition to determine who would win a temporary special role and extra clovers.

Winner of Cart Surfer Competition: Snowy

Max Size: 15

Bunch in Middle Tactic
X Formation
Z Wipe Movement Tactic

Be sure to react in  #★starwars-battle★ and #★swat-battle★ if you can attend our two upcoming battles this Friday and Saturday!


49th Commander in Chief

[AUSIA] Team Delta Strikes Back in Battle!

KLONDIKE, “Delta Battle vs Help Force” – Good evening Clover Defenders! Our Delta Division logged onto Klondike on Club Penguin Army Battleground for a battle with our Help Force friends. We met at the Town before heading to the Docks, finishing at the Ice Berg for some trivia. This event was the biggest turnout for ACP since mid-June, with 20 troops showing up to fight! I am incredibly proud of you all. Congratulations to Spinister and Power on winning an extra clover each from the trivia! ACP grows stronger every day!

Max Size: 20

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[AUSIA] Return of the Delta Division

BATTLEGROUND, “Operation: Delta” – Good evening everyone! Today we logged onto Battleground on CPAB for the revival of our old Delta Division! After having an Alpha vs. Echo battle last weekend it is only fitting that we came together to unite under the elite Delta banner. Despite the incredible lag I am very impressed with our performance today, maxing 14 troops online. All attendees received the exclusive Delta role in our Discord! Wonderful job, ACP!

Max Size: 14

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[US] WRFT: Delta Division Training – Results!

Good day ACP!

Today, our US Division logged onto Ascent, CP Rewritten for a Delta Division training event as part of our Operation: We Rise From This! We practiced our forms, tactics, and movements all over the island.

MAX: 34

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[UK] Delta Division Training Results!

Salutations ACP!

The first Delta Division Training of 2021 took place today and the UK division absolutely killed it – reaching a maximum size of 41 with exceptional tactics, formations and movements. I am so proud of the soldiers that attended and dedicated this 30 minutes to learning our very latest battle tactics – I can’t wait to put them into practice this coming Saturday in the highly anticipated battle against the Recon Federation.

MAX – 41

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[AUSIA] Delta Division ‘Aces of AUSIA’ Training – Results!

Hey there ACP!

Today the ACP AUSIA Delta Division logged on the Bunny Hill for training in preparation for our Aces of AUSIA battle tomorrow. We covered everything from advanced forms to quick room changes! Thank you to everyone that came.

Max: 31

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AKP-wöchentliche Rückblick Oktober! #18

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[UK/US] Delta Division Training – Results!

Greetings ACP!

Today we logged on for our second Delta Division event of the month! We learned some more innovative tactics from the best teacher ever, Mr Max, and we practiced the ones already in our arsenal.


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[UK] Delta Division Inauguration Results!

Salutations soldiers! 

Today we held our very first Delta Division Training session, focusing on performing an array of innovative tactics, movements and formations. We performed exceptionally, peaking at 57 soldiers. All those that attended have claimed the elite Delta role.


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