[AUSIA] Legends Cup Training

Hey there ACP!

Yesterday, we again logged on to Club Penguin Army Battleground to prepare for our legends cup battle against the Water Vikings. It was a good event nonetheless and we managed to stay awake and practise our tactics and formations for the battle we were preparing for. Well done to everyone who attended!

Maximum size: 13

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[AUSIA] Back to XAT Days!


WARZONE, “Color Wars Event” – Hey ACP! Today, the AUSIA division of Army Of Club Penguin logged onto the server Warzone in CPAB for a Color War between Echo and Alpha to celebrate Army Of Club Penguin’s 16th Anniversary. The Event was conducted through our old Communication Source “XAT”, and was held in the rooms Town and Stadium; through out which the Clover Defenders had a lot of fun; doing a lots of stunning and astonishing tactics and formations; where our Former Leaders (CSY, Cubster, Koloway, Max, Mchappy) came out to support us and celebrate ACP’s 16th Anniversary! We were able to reach a maximum size of 23 penguins online. Thanks to everyone who attended, and happy 16th Anniversary to each of our brave troops and veterans!

Max size: 23

Remember to check out #❗legends-cup👑 and react if you can attend our most important event! Hope you enjoyed the event.  ♥ ☘


ACP Brigadier General

Announcing Anniversary Week, Our Sweet 16!

Addressed to the Army of Club Penguin

MAMMOTH, Capital – We are happy to announce this year’s birthday celebrations as we celebrate the anniversary with a week filled with an array of fun community events!

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[AUSIA] ACP Welcomes a New Era Under New Leadership

BATTLEGROUND, “49th Inauguration & 48th Retirement Party” – Hello, ACPToday, the AUSIA division of the Army of Club Penguin logged on to the server Battleground of CPAB to say goodbye to the 48th leader of the army, Zeus, and for the inauguration of the 49th leader, Calgocubs21, in a party where we reached a max of 21 penguins online! We started in the town, then we moved to the stadium and we finished in the forest. During these rooms, we did many tactics and formations and we finished with a speech by our new leader at the forest, where he announced that he will make ACP great again and he thanked the troops for the amazing support for attending the event. Thanks to everyone that attended today. Now, here are some pictures of the party!

Max size: 21

[AUSIA] Mystic Wins Clash of The Trainers 2

Battleground, “Clash of the Trainers”– Hello there, Army of Club Penguin! Today we finished our Clash of the Trainers 2: Elite Four Week with another event for our AUSIA division. We logged onto CPA Battleground, where Team Mystic and Team Valor met in Town to prepare for a battle with the Ice Warriors. We then went to Cove, where we encountered them in a fierce battle of Sea Monsters vs. Submarines. At the end of the event, we finished with a Catching Waves Tournament. Both teams had to play a game of Catching Waves on Survival Mode and ended up Pandito winning, with an obliterating score of 2782. As a result, he helped Team Mystic win and he also was rewarded the Wave Master role for a day.

Team Mystic won the Clash of The Trainers 2: Elite Four Week with an amazing score of 4-0.

Max size: 14

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[AUSIA] Mystic Outsmarts Valor in Trivia!

WARZONE, “Psychic: Trivia Game Show” – Good evening ACPOn September 14th, the AUSIA division logged onto CPA Battleground in Warzone for our second match-up against the Elite Four this time focusing on the psychic powers of trivia. Our field marshall who was representing the Elite Four, Sidie, took the stage to challenge our trainers in a competition of wits on the topic of Pokémon, Club Penguin, and World History! Despite Team Valor‘s best efforts, they were no match for Team Mystic’s deep expertise on the topic. We witnessed troops such as Zito75, Lettucy, AOL, and Spinister dominate the questions. Mystic answered 8 of the questions correctly first while Valor was only able to get 2 of them correct.

The score for the Clash of Trainers 2: Elite Four Week are Team Mystic: 2 – Team Valor: 0

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[AUSIA] Battle Week Showdown vs. RPF

KLONDIKE, “Showdown vs. RPF” – Hello Clover Defenders! Our AUSIA Division logged onto Klondike today for a battle with our long-time rival, the Rebel Penguin Federation. We clashed with them at the Ice Berg before heading to the Stadium, finishing the battle off in the Snow Forts. Despite not reaching our size goal we performed excellently with 18 ACP members online. We matched our foe today and we showed the community that we aren’t to be underestimated. This was a wonderful way to finish off our Battle Week, thank you to everyone who came!

Max Size: 18

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[AUSIA] Clover Defenders Unite with Brothers in Arms

ICE BREAKER, New Territory – Hello fellow comrades and clover defenders. Today our AUSIA division logged on to the server Ice Breaker for an action packed practice battle once again with our fellow allies and brothers in arms. We started off at the Town with some warm up tactics to get going then headed off to the Iceberg to commence our practice battle! Our formations and tactics were superb to say the least where we maxed a total of 12 members online and we did an amazing job! Huge thanks to Sidie9 for her awesome tactics and leading the event!

Max: 12

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Addressed to the Army of Club Penguin

ICE BREAKER, New Territory – For this week’s Mchappy Homecoming, we donned marching band hats and created a general ruckus in the town. This ended up being one of the biggest events we’ve had in months!

Max: 22

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[AUSIA] General Sebassotoo’s Retirement Event

Addressed to the Army of Club Penguin

ICE BREAKER, New Territory – Our long time friend, General Sebassotoo has decided to step down while he deals with a personal matter. Sebassotoo showcased his leading skills as we did many formation changes alongside his superior tactics. We couldn’t forget to throw a little Spanish flavor in there.

Max: 17

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