[AUSIA] Clover Defenders Battle Old Rival

Warzone, “Practice Battle” – Hello and welcome back Army of Club Penguin! What better way to start off the month of July than to have our AUSIA Division engage in a practice battle with our long-time rivals the Lime Green Army? For this exciting battle, we logged on to CPA Battleground and warmed up in the Town before facing off with our opponents. After warmups, Commander in Chief Zeus led the clovers to the Iceberg to begin engagement with the Lime Green Army. When the battle at the Iceberg was complete, the Clover Defenders moved to the Docks for additional excitement in the battle. Seeing as both armies had a hunger for more, we marched on to the Stadium where the exciting practice battle ended.

[UK] Veterans of the ACP Reunite For Operation: Blast From The Past

ICE BREAKER, “Operation: Blast From The Past” – Hello, ACPOn July 1st, the UK division of the Clover Defenders logged on the server Ice Breaker of CPAB for a special operation where we reached a max of 10 penguins online! This event was led by Zelly and other soldiers of the army, we started at the town and then we moved to the stadium. Thanks to the troops that attended this event! Here are some pictures of this operation ♡

Max size: 10

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[US] The Clover Defenders Practice To Improve Their Skills

ICE BREAKER, “Training Practice” – Hello, ACPOn June 30th, the US division of the Army of Club Penguin logged on the server Ice Breaker in the game CPAB for a training practice, where we reached 4 penguins online! During this event we did tactics and formations at the town. Thanks to the soldiers that attended this event! Now, here are some pictures of this event! ♡

Max size: 4

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