[US] Clown Takeover + BATTLE VS TCP

ABOMINABLE, “Clown Takeover”: Hello ACP! Today the US division logged onto CPRewritten for our Clown Takeover event! We started by getting ready and doing warm-ups in the Town. After that, we moved to the IceBerg where we executed our tactics and forms really organized. After that, we moved to the Docks, to then finish the battle at the Beach. During this event, we reached a maximum size of 20 troops!

Maximum Size-20

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[UK] Crab Takeover

ABOMINABLE, ‘Crab Takeover’ – Hello ACP! Today the UK Division logged on for our event at Club Penguin Rewritten, in Abominable Town. We had a max size of 20 crabs! We started out with warm-up tactics. We did lots of emotes and word tactics. We stayed in town and after that we moved to the Ice Berg, where we all started to get faster and started waking up on our tactics. Keep up the good work ACP!

Maximum size-20

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[US] Clover Pizza

Ascent,”Clover Pizza”– Hello ACP! Today, the Clover Empire’s US division logged onto CP Rewritten for our Clover Pizza event we delivered pizzas to other penguins around the the island and made great tips! We reached a maximum size of 21 troops online and had fun delivering pizzas. Make sure to take a look at the pictures from the event today!

Maximum size – 21

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