[UK] Super Clovers

ASCENT, ‘Super Clovers’Hey there ACP! Another one with our event post’s! We had our event at Club Penguin Rewritten, Ascent Town. There was a max size of 18 penguins! We started out with warm up tactics. We did great with keeping up and being awake. Did lots of emotes and big word tactics. We stayed in town and for the other half of the event, we made our way to the Ice Berg, where we all started to get faster and got better formations with those emote tactics. We all did amazing! Keep up the great work ACP family!

Max Size: 18

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[US] Puffle Fever

ASCENT, Puffle Fever’ , Yoo Hello ACP, how Y’all doing? We logged onto 1-bar server Ascent. We started at Town and we headed to the Iceberg doing some amazing tactics and formations, we reached a maximum size of 19 troops, thanks for everyone that could attend, make sure to take a look at the event pictures from the event today!

[US] Puffle Takeover

Ascent,”puffle takeover”– Hello ACP! Today, the Clover Empire’s US division logged onto CP Rewritten for our puffle take over event, we reached a maximum size of 25 troops online and had a fun time dressing up as Puffles. Make sure to take a look at the pictures from the event today!

Maximum size – 25

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