[AUSIA] Invasion of Free land 27

ASCENT, “Invasion of Free Land 27”: Hi ACP! Today the AUSIA division logged onto CP Rewritten for our Invasion of Free Land 27. We started out at the town we then went to the Ice rink while doing some cool tactics and formations. During the event, we reached a maximum size of 13 troops!

Maximum size – 13

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Mchappy Rates Historic ACP Enemies

BREEZE, Shamrock Bulletin Headquarters – Throughout my time in ACP, I have come face to face with every single enemy of ours on the battlefield. Whether I have respect for all those leaders, or not, is another question. Today, I’ll be ranking five of some of our most historic enemies. As a disclaimer, this piece is solely my opinion and should not be taken seriously.

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[UK] Clover’s Terrorize The Island

Abominable,”Civilian Target Practice”– Hello ACP! Today, the clover empire’s UK division logged onto CP Rewritten for our Civilian Target Practice, we started out at the town in our ACP uniforms, We headed down to the stadium and iceberg we looked for civilians over the island and attacked them, We reached a maximum size of 15 troops and had a lot of fun together throwing snowballs at civilians. Make sure to take a look at the pictures from the event today!

Maximum size – 15

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