ACP Saga: September & October 2021

BLIZZARD, Shamrock Bulletin Headquarters – The ACP Saga has been updated with all of the amazing events of September and October 2021!

You can read the full ACP Saga, which dates the Army of CP’s exploits from September 2019 to the present day, by clicking HERE


  • September 1st: An ‘EUSIA’ division farewell is held for the beloved leaders and Higher Command of the Golden Democratic era. A maximum size of 40 penguins is noted.
  • September 2nd: Fatchicken88 is inaugurated as the 47th ACP leader in a special event with 24 soldiers present.
  • September 4th: The Clovers battle the Water Vikings in an AUSIA practice conflict, with size of 21.
  • September 5th: ACP Guardians Flipmoo and Shaboomboom bestow a second Medal of Honor on Mchappy for his work in the ACP over the past several years.
  • September 9th: The Army of CP were victorious in a practice battle against the Ice Warriors, peaking at a size of 17.
  • September 12th: ‘The Knockoff Summer Awards 2021’ were held with many awards being presented to the Army of CP soldiers, including: Best Dressed, Best Listener, Best Voice, Best Ally, Future Higher Command, Natural Leader, and ACP’s Valuable.
  • September 16th: The UK division takes on the Silver Empire in a practice battle, hitting a top size of 16 soldiers.
  • September 22nd: The ACP battles the Templars with 20 soldiers in attendance.
  • September 27th: The Templars declare war on the ACP, thus kick-starting the Fourth Clover Crusade. The first battle was an AUSIA event with 25 soldiers marching on to invade the ‘Templar Bank’ server.
  • September 28th: A second invasion against the Templars – this time of their ‘North Station’ – saw another ACP victory.
  • September 28th: ACP leader Fatchicken88 declares the ‘War of No Revenge’ an ACP victory after the Templars broke their own terms.
  • September 29th: The ACP celebrate a milestone birthday – their 15th anniversary! An EUSIA event with peak size of 33 penguins was held.


  • October 6th: 16 ACP soldiers battle the Ice Warriors in an Ancient Egypt themed battle.
  • October 13th: ‘Operation: Vengeance’ is launched as the ACP offer their support to their allies, the Help Force, against the Silver Empire. Leader Fatchicken88 states this is not a declaration of war, but an answer to the call for arms by their allies.
  • October 14th: An ‘EUSIA’ division event marked the first Vengeance battle with 20 soldiers in attendance.
  • October 15th: The Vengeance Alliance successfully defend Down Under from the Western Bloc.
  • October 15th: The ACP and Vengeance Alliance defeat the Silver Empire on Cream Soda.
  • October 20th: A Vengeance invasion of Winter Way sees peak of 8 penguins.
  • October 22nd: The Vengeance Alliance defend Ice Peak from the Silver Empire.
  • October 22nd: The alliance once again takes victory over the Silver Empire, this time in an AUSIA invasion of Snow Angel.
  • October 23rd: A successful ‘EUSIA’ invasion of Antarctic sees maximum size of 15 achieved.
  • October 25th: Staff member ShadowSaint is inducted into the ‘Dedicated Troop’ Hall of Fame following her departure.
  • October 29th: The ACP celebrate Halloween with a series of themed events, while the Shamrock Bulletin hosts a Halloween Costume Contest.
  • October 31st: The Vengeance Alliance invades Ice Coast from the Silver Empire. Sidie9 announces her retirement from ACP General afterwards.
  • October 31st: Long-serving ACP staff member HenryVI retires and is inducted as a ‘Dedicated Troop’ on the Hall of Fame.

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ACP Legend & 46th CiC

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  1. Another crazy two months for ACP! Well done to the current gen for making some amazing history ❤

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