[UK] A Day At The Fair – Results!

ABOMINABLE, CPR Fair Party РHey there ACP! Today our UK Division headed onto Abominable for a quick tour of the Fair, followed by a fashion competition, which was won by Marianta.

Max: 33

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[US] Recycling and Cleaning Up The Island + Impromptu Battle vs. TCP

CRYSTAL, ‘Recycling and Cleaning’ Hey there ACP! We logged on to Club Penguin Rewritten for a fun event of going around and cleaning up the Island and recycling our trash! We got a max of 14 and went to 3 different rooms. We started out at our usual spot in Town, went into the Night Club and unfortunately got raided by the Templars but we held up strong and kept going! Went went into the Stadium and Finished off at the Whacky House in the Snow Forts. You all did amazing today and don’t forget to comment below if you came!

Max Size: 14

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