ACP Saga: May & June 2021

BLIZZARD, Shamrock Bulletin Headquarters – The ACP Saga has been updated with all of the amazing events of May and June 2021!

You can read the full ACP Saga, which dates the Army of CP’s exploits from September 2019 to the present day, by clicking HERE


  • May 1st: ACP tops the Shamrock Bulletin’s “Top Armies of April,” to top off a great month for the Clover Defenders.
  • May 1st: The April Moment of the Month goes to ‘Cubster and Max Promoted To Temporary Commander-in-Chief; Host ACP History Week’.
  • May 2nd: Annual Spring Fling occurs, event is very successful and the Army of CP maxes a massive size of 60.

  • May 2nd: The ACP claim the First position on the Shamrock Bulletin Top Ten Armies.
  • May 3rd: The Shamrock Bulletin and CP Army HQ collaborate to create ‘The Recounting Regulation’ and make progressive changes to the Top Ten Event Quality scoring system.
  • May 5th: Powerangerlll12 is crowned April 2021’s Troop of the Month.
  • May 5th: The ACP Secret Intelligence Service themed week is launched with an ‘Agents Assemble’ event, with peak size of 55 penguins.

  • May 8th: An exciting ‘Battle of the Brothers’ sees the ACP go head-to-head with the Doritos and Help Force in a three-way. A maximum size of 37 penguins was recorded.
  • May 14th: A declaration of war is issued against the Doritos of Club Penguin due to a series of shocking betrayals.
  • May 16th: The ACP successfully invades the DCP historic server and capital, Summit, with a size of 41.

  • May 19th: The ACP suffer a shocking cyber attack from estranged former soldiers. Field Marshal Cubster’s Discord account was breached and over 700 members were banned from the ACP server.
  • May 23rd: The ‘War of the Estranged Brothers’ concludes with a 5-0 ACP victory. A victory march with 42 proud soldiers is held.
  • May 25th: A fun-themed history event saw the Gamma Division revived after 11 years of absence.
  • May 27th: Former ACP leader and at-the-time Advisor, Kailey310, retires from her position.
  • May 29th: A three-way ‘Clash of Titans’ battle sees the Rebel Penguins, Help Force and ACP draw.


  • June 1st: CSY’s 484 day solo leadership comes to an end with the promotion of Max and Cubster to the rank of Commander-in-Chief, marking the third triumvirate.
  • June 1st: A rainbow and love filled ‘Pride Week’ launches in the ACP, with a series of themed events and break day meet-ups hosted.
  • June 5th: A historic community-wide Pride Parade is hosted by the Shamrock Bulletin in collaboration with the CP Army HQ, CP Army Hub and CP Army Network.

  • The event was the first and only to be given consent by the CP Rewritten staff members and paid tribute to the brilliantly vibrant LGBTQIA+ community.
  • June 6th: Operation: Clover Conquest launches the ACP’s participation in the CP Army HQ’s innovative ‘Project: Conquest’ battle tournament.
  • June 7th: Jesus1_4 is crowned May’s Troop of the Month.
  • June 8th: The ‘EUSIA’ division is launched with incredible success. A peak of 48 was reached.

  • June 23rd: As the Project: Conquest draws to a close in its final week, the ACP and Silver Empire both push hard to claim victory. The Templars suffer a devastating defeat at the hands of the Clovers 47-strong force.
  • June 30th: The Silver Empire are defeated twice in a week by the Army of CP, leading to the ultimate Shamrock victory. The first major tournament win since January 2020.

What do YOU think? Let us know in the comments below!


ACP Commander-in-Chief & Shamrock Bulletin Administrator

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