[AUSIA] ACP Spec Ops Carries Out ‘Mission: You’ll Float Too’

Hey there, ACP!

Today, the Clover Penguins CPR Air Force took to the skies of Zipline with our newest aircraft innovation, the Orange Balloons! We floated around the island doing a plethora of things, before ending with a Hide and Seek.

Max: 26

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[EUSIA] ACP Goes Back In Time For Operation: Prehistoric Warriors


Hello, ACP!

Today the Clover Penguins CPR’s AUSIA and UK divisions logged onto Zipline on CPRewritten for our Operation: Prehistoric Warriors! We did fun dinosaur tactics and amazing formations, also, we entered the Time Trekker and travelled in time, this Operation was very fun and everyone did a wonderful job today!

Max: 44


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