[UK] Clovers in Disguise for a Civilian conga

Hello, ACP!

Today we roamed the island as Club Penguin Rewritten civilians! We went to the Town and Snow Forts while executing unique formations like a smiley face and a conga line.

Max: 47

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Top Ten Armies [6/6/21-6/12/21]

BLIZZARD, Shamrock Bulletin Headquarters – Our second Top Ten ranking of June witnesses changes in the top four once more. Continue reading

[AUSIA] Exciting Land Invasion Against Doritos Ends in Victory

Crystal, “Land Invasion” – Today, we did a land invasion against the Doritos as part of Project Conquest. We did warm-up tactics in town and then began our invasion in the Mine. We continued at the Stadium and ended at the Beach. Our invasion was mod-led by Kyle with assistance from Cubster and Chicken, which led to an ACP victory in all three rooms!

Max: 31

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