[UK/US] Xat Typerace – Results!

Hey there ACP!

Today we hosted a typing race between our divisions on the ACP Xat Chat and managed to see over 20 people in the chatroom.

As for the results:

Alpha wins 17 rounds while Echo wins 14 rounds. This awards Alpha with 2 points and Echo with 1 updating the war score to :echo: 7 – 4 :alpha:

1st Place: Yeet Monster – 13 wins

2nd Place: Shane – 7 wins

3rd Place: Ash – 5 wins




Thank you for attending everyone, if you did attend make sure to react in #event-chat and commend down below!

Remember to check out #events if you can make it to any of the future fun events we have!

:alpha: FatChicken :alpha:

ACP Lieutenant General

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