[WINNING ENTRY] Max’s Christmas Miracle


Below is the winning entry of the Christmas Short Story Writing Competition! There were many amazing entries – feel free to click the link to read them all. Congratulations Tina!

Beep. Beep. Beep.

7:00 AM.

Tina sloppily rolled over, a lightly snoring man in her way. She sat up, blinked her eyes, and let out a small yawn. She quietly tapped the “off” button on the alarm clock, ever so grateful that her man, Max, was a notoriously heavy sleeper. She kissed his head, and switched out of her fleece pink onesie. She switched into a black toque, a buttoned up long-sleeved red flannel shirt, black jeggings, and suede Timberlands. She had work to do that day. With Max home from the war, she decided to let him sleep in. Tina brushed her teeth, checked her DMs, and put some hot chocolate in the microwave. After a few minutes, careful to avoid any more beeping, she took the beverage out of the microwave.

Sitting cross legged, her free foot bouncing in the air, she waited for her hot chocolate to cool off to… just hot enough to not burn her tongue. After a few minutes, the cocoa was ready for consumption. Tina let out an unintentional “mmmmmm” as the cocoa embraced her from the inside, a heat only comparable to the flame that kept her and Max together through the years. After she finished her drink, she rinsed out her mug, and went to work on the monstrosity in the living room after waking Max up and sending him shopping for pies. Little did he know, most stores were closed this Christmas Eve. An excellent stalling plan for Tina.

The aforementioned monstrosity, of course, being a black artificial tree stand. Nevertheless, Tina really did go to work with what she and Max had stored away in containers in the basement. Tina’s cat, his ever curious self, observed his human, probably wondering if she was building a giant toy for him. With the orange peels she placed around the stand, he got his answer quickly. And just like that, Tina put up the tree distraction-free. A reindeer blanket concealing the black stand, ornaments upon ornaments, candy canes upon candy canes, lights upon lights… and a shining gold star that watched over Tina and her growing family.

By the time Tina finished, it was 4:30 PM and already dark. Snowflakes danced through the air, the fireplace crackled and popped, and the cat slept next to her on the couch. Suddenly, the front door slowly opened. Max sniffled and discarded his earmuffs, scarf, and gloves on a nearby corner table. The cat ran up to Max and rubbed his soft head against his legs, not caring about Max’s rosy cheeks or his bright red nose. He pulled two pies out of his tote bag: apple and pumpkin. They rested peacefully on the same corner table. As the fog on his glasses lifted, Max’s eyes widened at the beautiful display in the living room, from the lights and the decor, and to Tina’s beautiful knee-length dress, with matching black flats, translucent dark pantyhose, and a faux white fur just like Santa—CSY, rather—would wear with his suit. The two lovebirds hugged each other tightly and kissed in front of the fireplace.

After three long years in the war, he was home. He was free. He was finally happy. After all the years he prayed for a Christmas miracle, he finally had his own: her name was Tina.

Written by Tina, resident ACP Furry.

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  1. love it

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