Why ACP Means So Much to Me

Hewwo! I’m Sanya! I’m currently a Field General in the Army of CP.

Today, I will be writing to you my experience in ACP and why this army means so much to me and I’ll tell you guys about myself and my history with ACP! I’ll also be explaining how the people of ACP truly shaped me in my life!

I first joined the Club Penguin Army community back in 2017. My first army was the Rebel Penguin Federation, also known as RPF I stayed there for around a year or so and ended up retiring from Club Penguin Armies completely… But then on April 21st, 2020, I decided to give armies another shot, so I joined ACP! (shoutout to Kailey for giving me an awesome rank :D). I had tons of fun as a member and met so many people and befriend tons of people than in June, 9th 2020. I was promoted to an ACP moderator! I loved the experience of being a moderator It gave me the chance to get closer with the Staff Team and being able to help and serve the community even more as a moderator.

The best thing about ACP is the Community. We have this sort of crazy and loving community. I think we have created this sort of bond and connection we have here that can’t really be replicated elsewhere. I’ve been in ACP for almost 9 months, and It’s been a crazy ride! Kailey’s typos, Cherrys Ships, Sanya’s daily craziness, and hype, Aurora talking about the old times and bringing this nostalgia feeling.

This community and army mean so much to me cause of the people. It has always been the people. I’ve always been a peoples person and I keep on pushing to serve the community I love and serving the people’s needs. I have always put people’s feelings and interests first. When I was a young kid, I have always wanted to turn everyone’s faces into smiles and laughter cause It would break my world seeing people upset and sad. In my time in ACP, I have made people laugh at the things I say or do or the crazy VCs I host and listen to people’s feelings and interests, and try to cheer them up.

There was this ACP staff appreciation server organized by Myth! I was bombarded with happiness and emotions when I was able to read kind messages about me by the community. I was really surprised someone would take their time to organize something to appreciate our beloved staff team. This server showed me that our own community would take their time to organize an appreciation server for our staff when we didn’t really expect they would do such a thing cause the presence of the community and having the honor to serve you is the best thing we could do for you, and we love doing so! I was really happy and was in tears of joy reading those kind messages to our staff and former staff. Our job being able to serve and help you is already enough to make us happy, but the fact you guys dedicated your time to this server and writing us messages means the world to us, and we all love you; you guys are the true meaning of ACP ❤

All the kind messages I received from the community as a mod ^

Well this post wouldn’t be complete without a few shoutouts!

CSY: Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be a moderator you’re an amazing leader and I was able to improve alot as a person during my time in ACP and I did not expect to fall in love with your army and get so attached to this community. I really like you as a person we can relate to many things and we both have alot of opinions on things haha We’re both very vocal about our opinions and change and we tend to be very observant on things

Mchappy: Thank you for being the guardian of ACP and watching over us. You’re absolutely hilarious and make us laugh! I really appreciate you for giving in your all for this community, and I admit it probably sucks being in ACP for that many years cause you always see ACP changing with new people and new staff. However, One thing I’m sure of is when ACP changes with a new community, new people, new faces, the community is still the same loving community. Even though people come and go, you are blessed by meeting amazing people around the world that shaped you to this day

Robot: My RPF bud! Thank you for guiding and helping me during the early days of my mod career! You were an amazing person to work with in RPF and I’m grateful to have the opportunity to work alongside you in ACP!

Nacho: At first, I was known as the mod that blocked you LOL due to reasons :wary: but I realize we had a lot in common and shared a lot of things in interest, and I love and appreciate your work in Legion Espanola and your work in the Spanish community. I didn’t expect to have very similar traits with you. you’re my bro nacho, and I love the DMs we have with each other, and you truly helped me shape into who I am today

Belenctia: You’re amazing! and you’re a potato! You love the community and you serve them and I love our conversations together since you’re a really fun person to talk to!

Gugspugs: Passionate. Loving. Caring. Amazing! You’re a spectacular person Tia and I love our conversations together and the random craziness hehehe. Thank you for dealing with my craziness. I can see you’re really passionate and it shines through your passion! Keep on being you!!!

Aurora: One of my first friends in ACP! Thank you for all your work and loyalty in ACP and for being one of the nicest and sweetest person I’ve ever spoken to! ❤ Keep on being amazing

Kailey (Advisor): One of the hardest working person I’ve ever met! The love for your green family is amazing! and you’re one of my closest friends! I’m so happy you’re an advisor in ACP! You’re an amazing person kailey and I love everything about you! Keep being a queen our Clover Queen

To my Staff and HCOM: You guys are truly amazing to work with! I was able to see your passion and love you put in ACP! I have one of the best honors to work with one of the greatest staff teams in the world! I know some of us aren’t really close, but I wish we could get closer and bond even more, and I want to let you guys know I love each and every one of you because you’re truly amazing in your own way.

Roxy and Cherry: Hows your house guys? :DDDDDD

AnniE: You’re a potato!!! But a potato with potential! You’re an amazing community member of ACP and I can’t wait to work with you as a mod soon :OOOOO I love talking to you and you are a great definition of a community member of ACP being funny amazing and caring

DOINK: I love your art and our DMs together. You’re truly an amazing person, doinky, and you have been helping me out for a long time, and I really miss them! I wish you the best of luck in your future! I will always consider you as one of my closest and amazing friends, and you deserve the world.

To the ACP community: Thank you so much, guys, for giving me the opportunity to serve the best community in the world. You guys are one of the sweetest and caring people I’ve ever met, and getting to know each and every one of you brings joy to my heart. I love all the fun times we had together and my occasional craziness and jokes. I crack up with you guys! I promise you I’ll never forget this community in my life, and you guys helped me shape me into the person I am today, and I am eternally grateful for that! I love each and every one of you, and it brings me joy seeing you guys happy in ACP and being able to consider ourselves not only as friends but… family

I love each and every one of you guys and thank you so much for taking your time reading this post! It means the world to me! Make sure to comment down below in this post if you enjoyed my really long speech for you guys <333 I wrote this post to express how ACP really means to me and to the people here

Green Together, Family Forever

Proud ACP Field General

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