[UK] Final Flash Event

Hello ACP

Today, we hosted our final flash event, where we marched around the entire CPR, visiting each room one by one as we reminisced important events of the past – such as PLT vs HF in the hidden lake; Docks OT room in Holiday Championships; Inside Mine as our favorite start room… eventually ending in the Box Dimension, awaiting Plok to take Flash away…

Max: 61


Waddle on, Flash Player!

ACP Leader

4 Responses

  1. I came and look on the bright side

    We 7-0 them SWAT and won the war ez lmao

  2. It’s been an incredible journey with CPR flash. Let us march into the future with our heads held high as we transition to the new CPR client.

    Immer Fortschreiten, ACP!

  3. Looking forward to 2021, here’s to another year of greatness!

  4. Waddle on

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