[Flash Nemesis War] Invasion of Nevisca & Last CP Armies Event — Success!

Hey ACP!

Today our UK Division logged on to invade Nevisca from SWAT! Unfortunately, it ended up as a no-show from our opponents, however, we enjoyed a fun 1+ hour event to bid goodbye to cparmies.net. With the demise of Flash, ACP will be moving on to other Club Penguin private servers, but CP Armies (and our iconic ES emote) will be dearly missed!

Max: 60

Size pic

Size pic

judges verdict

Thank you to everyone who attended, and especially those who stayed till the end! Remember to comment down below and react in #event-chat if you attended!

Tomorrow will be our final invasion of SWAT–as well as a Delta event. Make sure you attend to get your Delta role! Make an account on Frosty, the CPPS we’ll be using, here, and react in #final-war-invasion if you can make it.

Let’s end the Flash Nemesis War with a bang!

Sophie, ACP Field General

3 Responses

  1. We will miss CPA!!

  2. pov: you’re the only pink penguin 😭

  3. good event

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