[AUSIA] Capture the Flag – Results!

Hey there ACP!

Today we held a pretty unique event for our AUSIA Division – a Capture the Flag event – where teams Red and Blue battled in two rooms (after hiding there) to determine the ultimate WINNER.

Max: 36

And the results areee:

Room 1: Tie

Room 2: Red

Overall Winner: Red

Remember to react in #event-chat if you attended, and comment down below!

:siren: The Army of CP is at WAR! :siren: Times for battles can be found here:

Defense of Avalanche: #us-war-defence

Invasion of Lucky: #ausia-war-invasion

Make sure to check these out, and react if you can make it! :warface:


FatChicken88, ACP Lieutenant General

2 Responses

  1. Fun event!!! I came 😀

  2. nice event and lets gooo ALPHAAA

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