The Flash Nemesis War

Addressed to the Army of Club Penguin,

You called, so we’re answering.

The Democratic Republic of the Army of Club Penguin hereby declares war on the Special Weapons and Tactics.

For too long, the Army of Club Penguin has sat on the sidelines, listening to SWAT’s unrelenting trash-talking of the Army of Club Penguin. We tried to take their obsession with Mammoth as mere hype, turning a blind eye to their incessant anti-ACP sentiments. But when the “trash-talking” reaches the extent of comparing ACP to sub-human, when your hype turns to literal threats of violence, when you decide to make baseless, swooping claims of us cheating – it begins hard for us to continue to ignore everything.

For too long, SWAT have taken our kindness as meekness; our tolerance for weakness. Ganger, you asked for this.

All of the screenshots below can be publicly found in their general chats.

Part I: Shaming ACP

Brushing aside the rather impertinent comment made to the troop lies the subhuman comparison of ACP to “pig swine”. The disdain to ACP, to the extent of the imposition of shame to those being a part of the army and the stating that we are somehow less than human is far from pleasant to digest.

Part II: Extreme Violence

WARNING: Pictures below describe extreme violence. Please read at your own risk.

We get it – sentiments of “LETS TAKE DOWN XXXX”, “LETS BEAT THEM”, etc is very common during battles for hype. But when your hype literally goes into detail about you strangling us, to “snap” our necks, to stab us with knives, to gun us to death, to bomb us, to nuke us… Frankly, this seems a little bit too far for mere hype.

Part III: Baseless Allegations

Since our return and indeed for much of our OG run, ACP has remained multi-logging free, unlike some armies.

CPAH Special Report: The One-Man Multilogging Operation Of Ganger90

CPAH Special Report: Special Weapons and Tactics Multilog In Black Seas War

This open attempt to discredit our work as multiloggers, to me, is a desperate attempt to tarnish our reputation, especially coming from an army that has exposes on multiple leaders for multilogging.

Part IV: Go Bother Your Own Troops.

ACP troop DM’ed by SWAT alt to join the server.

In a segment that I can only call “Go Bother Your Own Troops”, is SWAT firstly DM-ing an ACP troop to join, as well as Ganger pinging ACP staff to join/help SWAT. 

Part V: Ganger

We get the message loud and clear Ganger. If not for the WV force treaty, you guys would be in war with us. We’re poised and ready to go.


Whilst SWAT and ACP has had a long history of conflict, we have tried to move on from the past generations of hatred, fighting multiple Practice Battles hoping for friendly rivalry. However, the public bashing of the army – including threats of extreme violence, baseless allegations of multilogging in an attempt to tarnish our reputation, makes it jarringly clear that SWAT has taken the anti-ACP sentiments too far. With Ganger practically begging to fight us, the Army of Club Penguin hereby returns the call to face SWAT 1v1.


  1. Adhere to the common terms of the CPAH league including the terms listed in the invasions/defenses clause.
  2. No multilogging or any other illicit forms of attempted size inflation such as botting.
  3. No allies allowed including the logging onto alternative accounts (alts) under the guise of army members.
  4. No use of colonies or colonies of any allied armies.
  5. No dual enlistment solely for the sake of the war is allowed. This means that no one can dual enlist in the armies after this declaration has been published. Any attempt to find a loophole in these terms will be considered a concede to the war.
  6. No transferring servers to other armies nor gaining/receiving servers from armies in or outside the league until the war is over.

Any attempt by SWAT to break the terms set by the war, or any attempt to find loopholes to these terms (including the use of allies or colonies, multilogs, or the transfer of servers [both to and from]) between SWAT and their colony, or any other armies or their colonies, will result in an immediate loss of the server (where applicable) as well as the surrendering of the entire war to the Army of Club Penguin.

Army of Club Penguin
Invasion of Cozy (CP Armies)
Sunday, December 27th

As SWAT so eloquently puts it – “Imagine being ACP, and having any pride whatsoever”. We’ve sat on the sidelines for far too long.

It is time that we rise, and show SWAT why we’re proud to be ACP.

Green together, family forever.


CSY, ACP Leader
Max, ACP UK Leader/2ic
Cubby, ACP 2ic
Robot, ACP 2ic
Brad, ACP 3ic
Daniel, ACP 3ic
Kailey, ACP 3ic
Zelly, ACP 3ic
Mchappy, ACP acting POG

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