[UK] Christmas Ball & Battle with Allies — Results!

Hey ACP!

Today our UK Division logged on for our Christmas Ball. We were joined by many of our allies and reached a total of 116 penguins in attendance! Thank you to everyone who came, it was a chaotic but lovely time. Continue reading

Christmas Short Story Writing Competition!

Hey ACP!

Are you a secret literary genius, wanting to show off your writing? Want a chance to have your story read by the amazing resident British, max? Want a chance to have your story published in the Shamrock Bulletin, and earn a special role in the ACP?

We are now opening up for submissions for our Christmas Short Story Writing competition!


1) It must be an original short story, meaning that you wrote it!
2) The topic is Christmas! Other than that, there’s no limitation – it can be fanfic about ACP people, or a general Christmas story!
3) Word count: We suggest keeping your story at about 450 to 800 words (Don’t worry if youre a bit under or over the limit though, this is just a recommendation!)
4) Be creative!
5) Submit it by typing your entry below in the comments section, or linking us to it (e.g. via Google docs, another blog, etc!)

Winners will receive:

1) Special role on Discord!
2) A sweet Trophy :O
3) Your story will be published on the Shamrock Bulletin, and you’ll get a chance to ping subscribers for it!
4) If we reach 800 clover coins, Max will read your story out!

Deadline: 30th December, 2020

Looking forward to seeing your submissions!