December 2020 Holiday Party Guide! – CPR Guides

Hola, ACP!

A few days ago, the Holiday Party on Club Penguin Rewritten was released! It brought a ton of new things, which all will be covered in this full guide of the party. Let’s get started!

Coins for Change

Coins for Change is back! This time, it brings new rewards, and the community has worked hard to get them! Donations can be made by clicking on these Coins for Change cauldrons, which can be found on various parts of the island, as well as the coin on the top right of your screen, right beside the moderator badge. Remember, if you donate 10,000 coins, you’ll receive 3 stamps, as well as a new exclusive pin!

Don’t forget to pick up those rewards!

New Catalogue

There’s a new limited catalog, which is located at the bottom right of your screen, check it out for new items!

Rockhopper & the Migrator

Rockhopper and his ship, the Migrator, are back! Check out his “Rockhopper’s Rare Items” catalogue for a few new cool items! Also, check out the Captain’s Quarters to play the game “Treasure Hunt”! Stay tuned for Rockhopper’s visits throughout the week, to get his stamp and background!

Secret Backgrounds

The first background is located at the Book Room (second floor of the Coffee Shop). To get it, you have to click on the camera, which is located in the bottom part of the room:

The second background is located in the newspaper! It’s located on the first page, and it’s a picture of all the mascots! Click on it to get it.

New items

At the Arcade (second floor of the Nightclub), there’s a new room to the right, with 2 entrances. If you go through the one with “Staff Only” written on its door, you’ll be able to get an Apron, as well as a new Igloo! To get the igloo, click on the huge microwave to the right of the room, then it’ll open and release the igloo itself!

Some Other Cool Things

As some of you might know, the Reindeer Puffle is back! To get it, just take a normal Brown Puffle for a walk!

The Santa Sleigh is back! It is accesible through the Arcade, or through the various signs found around the island. Make sure to deliver those presents, as you’ll be getting a reward for your service!

Last but not least, we have a new ??? room, which has a Christmas tree! It is accesible through the bottom part of both the Town and Plaza.

Make sure to check out all the newly decorated rooms, as well as the tree in the Iceberg, which you can make grow while mining! On another note, remember to collect the items each day on the advent calendar located at the Forest!

I hope this guide help you guys out with the new secrets! If I missed anything, DM me (Daniel20448#3020) on Discord.


ACP General

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  1. This is probably my favorite time of year on CPR — awesome post Dan!

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