Clover Coins 2020

Hey ACP!

Christmas is just around the corner! After a year of just handing out clovers though, our storage has run pretty low, so we’re opening up our bank to restock on clovers to get ready for a new year.

Note: This is a community run event, where we hope to give back to the community (and somewhat entertain you guys in the process!). By reaching the community goals, we can all unlock some fun prizes – including hearing Cubby sing in the shower, max read a bedtime Christmas story, and even literary showcases by CSY and Mchappy!

What can the community unlock?

1x Nitro giveaway @250 (note that you must have somewhat earned us points to participate)
Christmas Clover Chats Special with Zelly @400
Community-voted event @500
Christmas themed Spanish Lesson with Daniel @600
Singing in the Shower with Cubby @700
1x Nitro giveaway @750 (note that you must have somewhat earned us points to participate)
Best christmas story read by max @800
ACP Christmas poem by CSY @1000
I’ll read the mayhem (poem) I wrote at 1000 points @1250
ACP Fanfic by McHappy @1500
Unlockable role @??? (note that you must have somewhat earned us points to get the role)

more may be added soon, stay tuned!

How do we earn Clover Coins?

1. Attending events!

Every troop attending = +1 clover coin

Additional points for attendance:
20 troops = + 5 additional clover coins!
30 troops +15 additional clover coins!
40 troops + 40 additional clover coins!
50 troops + 60 additional clover coins!
60 troops +80 additional clover coins!
70 troops + 100 additional clover coins!
(not accumulative)

2. Donate your clovers!

1 clover = 1 clover coin!

3. Minigames:

Hit x points = +1
Max points = +4

4. Puzzles:

Solve = +1

More may be added soon, stay tuned…

Celebrate Christmas with us and unlock some fun rewards with ACP!

ACP Leader


[Christmas 2020] Promotions!

Army of Club Penguin Ranks

Red= USA/CA || Blue = UK/EUR || Purple = AUSIA

Commander in Chief
 Field Marshal
Max, Cubster, Robot
Kailey, Zelly, Brad, Daniel

Field General
Sarah, Sophie, Sanya
Lieutenant General
Gugspugs, Fatchicken, Nacho, Shane
corpsgenCorps Generalcorpsgen


Wyperr, Belencita, Henry,  OofManJr, Sparkz

Major General
Cubeoid, Chek

Brigadier General
  MazeX, Megan, Carmelo, Roxy, Marquis, Faux



Spyman, Doink, Yesn’t, Mangoes, Scorpion Demon, AustinFraud, Pandito, Nightfury

Lucia, Kimi, Baileybear, Bri, Cherry Cherry, DIO, Destro, Kyuu, Sawfishpro, Shebyr, Brookeee, Light, Cotopaxi, Aisha, ActionSpark, Skipper, TheBrokenMessage, SwagerGamer, Frog, Rarity
Da Best, RaiRai, Chekdar, Bibiane, NotASeat, Myth, Outertale Sans
First Lieutenant


Sleepless, Wagner
Second Lieutenant
StrangeTRY, Cat, Gib, PowerPrimate,  Ronaldo Vargas, Txsc
 Sergeant Major
Nathalex, Kellis, YEET MONSTER, Cathrine, Alias, Abby, Annie, Faiththeunicorn
Warrant Officer
BMoon, Yyeelloow, Tina, Yvette, Pearl, Rollo De Canela, El Daniel, Yeet Moment
Master Sergeant
Nicole, D_DATA
Staff Sergeant


Shad0W0lf, Tomii, El Daniel, SuperKlonoa, Gideon, Miss C.O.Z,Tom le Cat, Hiivasivut
Scrotus, Sofi, Simon, Marbletech, Sherlockrace, Otaku_Fujoshi, Akihiko Kayaba, Obby, , Ideaz
Irisa, Igster, Cygral, Aleena, Cass, Peter, Cedrik_Boi, SuperKlonoa, X Sebastian X , Linna, Megs, Whirlwind-Tigress, NyuPengu, Hyper, Phoenixia, Mariantt, Harperrx, Capin, Lifilleaveclevisage, Legend_Beast
Yoshi, Rooblert, Full Time Red, Khushigup, Check Yes Juliet, Chainpro, AceGaurde, Aisha, Leo, Rafaelkangkan, Tem, Lalaloopsi, Subaru, Rachell, Camilavaldiviezo, Liam, Reb, Cheetos, Voice of Reason, Rubeusgp, JennyBeth, Eric_, Auronrapollari, Kimo, Big Ed, Marum, Nat02 uwu, Turnage, Caramel, , Kyle, Balazs, Ramen, BlueBoi, EricWithaK, Vexdd, Petra, Jexiel, Spotty, MR82A6
Lance Corporal
This will be your rank after you attend your first event! To rank up to Corporal, reach 25 Clovers!
This will be your rank when you first join the army! To rank up to Lance Corporal, simply attend your first event!


King Mondo, Kailey, Koloway,  Mchappy




ShadowSaint, Aeropos

Panel of Guardians

Mchappy*, Shaboomboom, Flipmoo, Boomer
* denotes current acting Guardian