[Aces of AUSIA] Finals – Results!

Hey ACP!

We logged on today to face the Help Force in the Finals of the Aces of AUSIA tournament, where we broke our AUSIA record once more, hitting a size of 77.

3 troops without labels:

Pre Battle Room:

Room 1: Berg

Room 2: Inside Mine

Room 3: Stadium

Unfortunately, we lost the battle, but we broke our AUS record once more, in an amazing battle against the Help Force. Proud of everyone for breaking yet another record though! :ACPSalute:

ACP Leader

12 Responses


  2. WOOOOOOO great battle guys
    (CEO of lockout rooms)

  3. GG Guys im proud of yall💚

  4. i waz here ❤

  5. Proud of us!

  6. Amazing battle! I came!

  7. It was fun being there 🙂

  8. Hello i am from India i want to thanks my mother father and me
    Thank u

  9. You know we done so well! 77 I was so proud and my heart was thumping with joy! This has been the event of the year for sure!

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