[AUSIA] Mod Lead Operation: Pyjama Party!- Results!

Heya, ACP

Today we logged onto Club Penguin Rewritten for a Sanya Mod Lead! We had tons of fun and funny word tactics with the amazing stuffie costume! and shout out to tina!! :O hehehe annie is still a potato 😀 and tinas cat is cute! and we did amazing!! we were able to max 42!

Max: 42

Thank you all for attending my fun mod lead! I hope you guys had fun like i did hehehe

Don’t forget to check out #tournament-finals for our battle against Help Force where we will be giving away 5 Nitros, 20 Clovers and Promotions if we reach 60+ and Events!

Green Together, Family Forever

ACP Field General

2 Responses

  1. fun event hehehehe

  2. Didn’t come but looks really fun!

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