[UK/US] Practice Battle vs. Silver Empire — Results!



Hey ACP!

Today our UK Division and US Division logged on for a fun practice battle against our allies, the Silver Empire! We had a fun green face-off and ended up with some exciting formations and tactics. Thank you to everyone who came! Continue reading

[AUSIA] Holiday Tree Apocalypse!- Results

Heya, ACP!

Today our amazing AUSIA division logged on to Club Penguin Rewritten for a fun Holiday Costume Tree Event! We were amazing today and we’re so proud of everyone who attended this spectacular event and we were able to max 48!

Max: 48

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Holiday Season @ACP Minecraft Server

holiday szn acp mc

Whats goooooood ACP! As time ticks ever so fast we approach the end of this really unusual year, with all the bad stuff happening for everyone. But before 2020 ends, Holiday Season, Christmas and of course the New Years awaits! Now we know this years holidays will be really different. We know most of us will spend most of our time inside due to unfortunate circumstances. That’s why we have prepared many fun activities leading up to Christmas on our very own Minecraft server! (thearmyofcp.apexmc.co)

note: Winners of these competitions will receive an overpowered item on the Minecraft Server! We’re also giving away name colour on the server for 1 lucky person 🙂

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