Aces of AUSIA: Round Three Information & Times

Addressed to the Club Penguin Army Hub & community

We are here to finally bring you all the semi-finals information and time for the first ever major army AUSIA tournament, Aces of AUSIA.

Round three of the Aces of AUSIA tournament will commence on December 12th, 2020 and go through the weekend. The CPAH Discord will be used to coordinate the event with judges for each battle being picked before hand. Battle information will also be provided at this location, picked by the judges. We ask that all army leaders familiarize themselves with the rules we have put in place for this tournament. Please forward any questions to Mchappy.

Round Three Times

The third round of Aces of AUSIA will run from December 12th to December 13th. The semi-finals will take place with one on each date.

Saturday, December 12th

Help Force


Silver Empire

9AM EST | 2PM UK/GMT | 12AM AEST | 11PM JST | 10PM SGT | 7:30PM IST

Sunday, December 13th

Army of Club Penguin


Red Ravagers

9AM EST | 2PM UK/GMT | 12AM AEST | 11PM JST | 10PM SGT | 7:30PM IST

Our staff team are expecting really big, exciting battles for the semi-finals. It’s been amazing to watch each round get more intense and we’re expecting nothing short of some spectacular battles for this round as well. A reminder that the two armies that lose in the semi-finals will still face off the following weekend for third place.

Keep those snowballs coming,


ACP Guardian

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