Aces of AUSIA: Round Two Results

Addressed to the Club Penguin Army Hub & community

This past weekend the community saw Round Two occur of the newest tournament on the scene, Aces of AUSIA! The second round has concluded as four victors emerge to move on to the Semi-Finals. Which armies will move on to round three?

The first day of the second round of battles started on Saturday, December 5th. The armies battling included Army of Club Penguin, Help Force, Pizza Federation, and Secret Service. Out of this lineup, let’s see who went on to win their battles.

Army of Club Penguin vs Secret Service

SS, who won their previous match-up, would be the first to make two appearances during the Aces of AUSIA. Despite their smaller sizes, the small-medium army did not give in and gave the ACP a great battle. Even though SS managed to double their sizes from the first round it was not enough to beat the ACP’s stronger force. Due to the size difference, ACP were given the dub and were headed to the Semi-Finals.

Winner: Army of Club Penguin

Help Force vs Pizza Federation

During the above battle, HF logged on for their first showing at the AOA. Unfortunately, this first battle was also not as climatic due to the fact that PZF were unable to muster up forces for the tournament citing that there just weren’t enough AUSIA recruits. However, the HF continued to show up and show out and put on a great effort. HF is known for being a primarily AUSIA army thus were able to bring together a large showing and performed tactics for ten minutes before they were declared winners of their battle.

Winner: Help Force

The second batch of battles kicked off on Sunday, December 6th. The armies battling included the Dark Champions, Red Ravagers, Silver Empire, and SWAT. Which armies advanced to the third round?

Dark Champions vs Red Ravagers

A close battle for sure but one that just saw RR pull through. Size played a small role in deciding the outcome of this one and rather it was tactics and forms that really decided it. All rooms were close but Room 2 saw a RR victory due to their impressive speed and tactical variety. Room 3 also saw a Ravager victory with the room entry being superb from them, as well as consistently well synchronized tactics helping them scrape a victory in this room. Throughout the battle judges commended DC on some unique bombs they executed and made every room extremely close to call however judges felt RR just did enough to pip them to Room 2 and 3. (Credited to Judge Popcorny)

Winner: Red Ravagers

Silver Empire vs SWAT

Room 1 SE quickly steamed ahead in this room, making quick and neat formations which made them look a lot larger than SWAT, despite the sizes being the same. This helped them to claim victory in this room. Room 2 was similar to room 1, SE continued to do quick and neat formations, making sure they were all evenly spread out. SWAT improved a lot in this room, with less bunching, and quicker and neater formations. However due to SE’s faster tactics and neater forms they win this room. Room 3 was a different story. SE started off strong with their form but SWAT quickly caught up, speeding up with their tactics and making cleaner and quicker formations. Due to this Room 3 is a tie. (Credited to Judge Spotty)

Winner: Silver Empire

Today’s battles were much more intense and almost too close to call. It definitely has been the highlight of the tournament so far. With the competition thinning, and new armies facing off, the competition is only just about to get that much more spicy. After two weekends of Aces of AUSIA, the armies moving on to the Semi-Finals are Army of Club Penguin, Help Force, Red Ravagers, and Silver Empire. Three of these armies are guaranteed to medal as battle for third place will commence after Semi-Finals. Round three’s times will be released tomorrow. Who will become top dog and be crowned as the Aces of AUSIA?

Keep those snowballs coming,


ACP Guardian

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