[AUSIA] Aces of AUSIA! Round 2 VS. Secret Service -Results!

Heya, ACP

Today we started our Aces of AUSIA tournament with… Secret Service 😀 It was a fun battle but due to ACP’s Size, speed and tactics we were able to secure this victory with 3-0-0 and move on to the next round of Aces of AUSIA! We would like to thank the Secret Service for this fun tournament battle ❤

Max: 33

Thank you all so much for attending this tourney battle against the Secret Service ❤ Don’t forget to react in #events if you can make it to our next event! and keep an eye out for #battle-schedule for our next battle! and don’t forget to comment down below if you’ve attended this battle!

Green Together, Family Forever

ACP Field General!

5 Responses

  1. ACP Forever

  2. GTFF2020

  3. Amazing ❤

  4. I came

  5. nice

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