[US] Practice Battle vs. Templars!- Results

Heya, ACP!

Today our spectacular US division logged on for a fun Practice Battle against the… Templars! It was a fun Practice Battle but due to ACP’s size, speed and overall performance we were able to win this Practice Battle with 3-0-0! So proud of everyone who came to helped us defeat the Templars! We would also like to thank Templars for showing up, trying their best, and keeping their tactics clean 🙂

Max: 46

Thank you all so much for attending this Practice Battle against the Templars and helping us secure this marvelous victory! Make sure to react in #events if you can attend our 2 events for the day! and don’t forget to comment down below if you’ve attended this practice battle!

Green Together, Family Forever

ACP Field General!

4 Responses

  1. I came! Amazing battle

  2. what a great post!! also amazing battle acp ! 😀

  3. i came! this was my first ACP event, and it went so well! one thing i want to do in the future is have a split screen between discord and ACP ready, so i dont have to keep switching 🙂

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