[AUSIA] Light Troop’s Revival – Results!

Hey Guys!! Today we had a Light Troop Revival Event!! We dressed in Yellow color with our mining helmet on Logged on to 1-bar server Sleet and successfully completed our AUSIA Event. Hope you guys Enjoyed in attending the event!! If u missed it no worries we have a UK Event Today check out #events for more information.


Comment if you came and if you didn’t so check out #events to ensure you don’t miss the next events. Also checkout #battle-shedule for our battle tomorrow. Seeya later!!

Brigadier General — Cubeoid

7 Responses

  1. I had a lot of fun today! Good job ACP ❤🍀

  2. I came

  3. i came!!!

  4. woooo amazing event!

  5. good event ❤

  6. Though it wasn’t the golds, because of the similiar colour scheems making me wear yellow again really brought me back to the roots of my cp armies past, made me feel nostalgic but made me also realise that all is not lost, because I now belong to the ACP and will serve them to the best of my abilities in every colour, but green first and foremost.

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