[AUSIA] Operation: Hot Sauce – Results!

Hello Comrades, Today we logged on to our Capital server Mammoth for our AUSIA EVENT Hot Sauce Operation. We dressed into the Pro pizza chef costume tossing the pizza’s like our allies PZF!! Hope you enjoyed the event!

Comment if you came and tell your thoughts on the event…. Salute!

MAX: 38



Guys don’t forget to comment down if you came and make sure to check #events 

and battle with SWAT on FRIDAY so make sure to react in #battle-shedule if you can come !!!

Post by — Cubeoid [ Brigadier General ]


5 Responses

  1. first post sry for mistakes 😅

  2. Was there!

  3. I came! Awesome post Cube and super fun event!

  4. I came on the first half but admins told if you came half the time it is counted you came
    it was fun!

  5. Pleasure to serve, both with ACP and the pizza of course :).

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