End of an Era

Where do I begin?

What I do know is I can categorically say ACP is the best army to ever exist on Club Penguin, and trust me I have been in a lot of them. I want to say that the time I spent in ACP was the most fun I have had in my almost 12 year long career in armies. Going forward we have some great troops and moderators in our ranks who I am confident can step up and take my place effectively. I wanna personally thank every member of HCOM, Staff, Troop and PoG who helped me through this journey. I was here when the server had a mere 700 members, and to see it grow past 7,000 members, I knew that I had given all I had to give to this great army – but not only great army, but a great community too. I wanna say a personal thanks to CSY, Max, Rob, Cub, Zelly, Kailey, Brad, Yeti, Mch and all the other great HCOM I worked alongside for the majority of my ACP tenure. It was close to 1 year ago I set foot here, and I hope to see ACP thrive for many a year more. Please take a look at what I consider to be some funny photos as my parting wish :

One last, 

Lemme get back to you on that. #GTFF

Former US Division Leader/Field Marshal

14 Responses

  1. Until next time, funky. :salute:

  2. It’s been nothing but an absolute pleasure to work alongside you for the past year or so. We’re going to miss you a lot Funkles!

  3. gonna miss u lad, wish u luck in your future endeavours you wacky mcdonalds maestro

  4. Love u funky, best of luck in the future ❤

  5. Gonna miss you as one of the largest parts of the last 6.5 months :salute:

  6. Gonna miss you Funky! ❤

  7. cracks open a cold one, *salutes*

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  9. I love you brother!

  10. Best of luck, Funky! Sad to see you go after these past 11 months but you did good.

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  12. A bit late but, I love you funky, One of the best persons I ever worked with, Good Luck!

  13. Funky you accomplished incredible things and showed true grit in times like these, Good stuff man and thanks for sticking it out this much mate. You made the US division proud, you’ve earned a rest.

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